Hero Spotlight: Striker

Cant wIt for the update


She will be fun with Halo.

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@Vintermyst : OMG, all hail Vintermyst, for he foresaw the coming of the technician Striker. :eye:

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Wow, just dropped 22 tokens yesterday & didn’t get a single thing, & now this. I’m livid.

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So I can expect that the campaign robot will also be released as hero for us in the future ???

say the giant robot???

Only if you’re the champion of Community Clash, and just for that AI-controlled fight.

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I do tend to enjoy the “uninspired” heroes like Lancer and Purifier more than the spotlight heroes. :grin: That’s why I’m really looking forward to Striker, eventually Commander, and maybe a squad-centered hero.

Also, it would be nice for Striker to get a UAF skin like Lancer did, as its always a nice color scheme. Just a thought.

Thank you for that clarifications.

Like seriously, instead of balancing heroes and only just add new ones that are either way to good or are way to bad

The update notes haven’t come out yet, so I wouldn’t assume we’re not balancing Heroes this update.


There is always a possibility that a hero plays differently with a “live” audience than in theory. Not every hero is OP or underwhelming at release (Alvarez, for example). Many are quite fun, yet balanced. Heroes do get balanced in time.

For those who are new, like Robert: Update Notes feature the balance changes, and go out a day or two before release.

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I want her! She looks cool and her skills sound decent as well, especially her gold skill


Seems good, and won’ be in the frontline, so should survive more unlike Hivemind

Invisible Sudoku drones?

It has been this way for the past 3-4 months since Gilded crates became a thing…

Interesting about the invisibility cloak thing that we don’t see in PVE.

Striker : Who are you?
Yosai : Oof

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@Darrell_Goodrich Okay, thanks so much. My game has been freezing lately and I was like maybe there’s an update I missed.

Sorry I mistaken her for he :joy:. The biggest worry should be weather she will be good or not and you worry that I called her a he :joy:. Well done minion :joy: