February 2019 Events Schedule

I don’t feel like your eyes would deceive you all, its pretty straightforward, you just look at a day and look across…
Follow your mouse if it helps you.

That’s a Tuesday, there’s gonna be 3 events going on that day, PvP Tourney, Valentine’s Day Holiday, and PvP Brawl…

That’s a Saturday, there’s only gonna be one event going on that day which is KLG Irregulars Bounty…

That’s a Monday, only one thing going on that day as well, PvP Tournament, but the next day (2/5/19) a PvP Brawl will start, which will coincide with the current PvP Tournament…

Very simple to read and understand in my opinion.

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Helios and Irregulars Coop raids just appeared in game. No sign of the Solo raid event though.

Would be good to have these overlayed into the calendar too like we used to in the past!


Thanks Poob, mine was just a first draft to see what overlaps. Graphically, of course, yours is a lot better :wink:

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@Poobgloob thnx for giving some quick reviews … Well btw u need to plan in which category u fall in PvP tournament and go according to that…

Please dont remove mauler And clyde i have two player for 10 star to change heronium

ooo Helios looks interesting :wink:
Hope it will be a challenge!

As this I am. Not able to do good performance.

There are normaly two Bounty Events for each Faction however I thought "possible changes"due to the emblems being a part of the 1st Bounty. What will replace this during the 2nd Bounty…:worried:

  • Not a fan of the large collection of Jarek emblems, I could understand if it was added to the second bounty for players who are just getting Jarek or fall short of reaching the points in the past.

@Tim_Roe I am unable to put “an Alliance” , “an event” etc…lol

I think the calendar is just fine.

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I really don’t care about format of calendar but what I don’t like about it is why are so many events overlapping, specially pvp. Past calendar’s have spread it out pretty well and there are enough gaps to spread them out so why not?

Also why do all pvp events have to be on a weekday? There is non-bounty weekend wide open for a pvp event.

There is a PvP event on the non-Bounty weekend.

Not always. Also you are missing the point. Please re-read.

Okay, I re-read.

Here are links to the calendars in the last 7 months, taking into consideration only PvP tournaments:

August 9 events total, 0 overlap
September 7 events total, 0 overlap
October 9 events total, 0 overlap
November 6 events total, 0 overlap
December 9 events total, 0 overlap
January 10 events, 1 overlap
February 9 events, 2 overlaps

EDIT: 2 overlaps in February, not 3.

You are correct, this month has the highest number of overlapped PvP tournaments than any other month in the past 7 months, by 1.

Personally, I don’t mind, in fact I welcome PvP tournament overlap considering it gives us more PvP lives to use up, hence more PvP shards to buy hero frags with, and more tournament rewards.
I don’t see a problem with it if in the end its more beneficial to the player.

August, September, November, December, and February all had PvP events on at least one weekend in the month.
Although most do occur on weekdays, its not that uncommon for them to be held on weekends.

The problem is time. While you are right that more tournaments equal with more rewards, you only get them if you have the time to play them all. If you do not, you do not have any real benefit of it

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What @WalleWu said and now if I am busy for couple days I miss out on multiple pvp tournaments.

Point I was trying to make is that there is enough space available to spread out the events. Sure sometimes there are pvp events on weekends but many times there is nothing going on.

I understand that, I was just giving my personal viewpoint in that quote.

If I can give a tip to anyone, rather than doing nothing in-game while your doing something in real life, use that time you’re not playing to use auto-play…

During most days, especially at an 8-hour shift at work, I don’t have time to actually play the game, but I can use up all my player lives in PvP, get thousands of PvP shards, and get millions and millions of points in a tournament just by auto-playing throughout the day, which is what I do every day.

Yes, you’re at less of an advantage when you autoplay, and will not win as many games as you would if you were to play manually, but you win a hell of a lot more games on autoplay than not playing at all.

You are funny…HAHA…

Faction is no longer based on month. It lasts certain number of days if you haven’t noticed.

Come on I was farming on flatline

The update almost here, have they releasee what heroes are going into the stores ?