July Update Notes

Your Hero has 100k HP and got 50k damage. Moss heal will do 75k.

So instead of healing your hero to 100k he now has 125k Hp. But if he goes down below 100k again, other Healers can only heal him back to 100k again.


Awesome update!thx very much Hothead!love it!

Bang up job on the dog nerf. Way to do nothing. Still ridiculously overpowered.

Nooo my dog! My favorite hero getting nerfed :sob:

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Try him out before you judge. I can’t say that they nerfed him much, barely at all actually.


While I love this update, I get the feeling that too many things got left out of these patch notes.

And I like most of these stealth changes, so I’m not really complaining. I just think that doing changes without informing them can lead to confusion.

Here is a list of the changes that were not informed (and I found)

  • Salvatore has been replaced on daily rewards by Cinder
  • Maven and Sentry have been replaced on PvP store by Cast and Mauler
  • Cast has been replaced on hard missions (1-3, 1-5, 2-3) by Sentry.
  • Level 70 raids have been added (solo and coop raids)
  • New achievements have been added (Clearing lv 70 coop raid and level 70 solo raid)
  • Beck’s Evasion Field (gold skill) got a new effect for more visibility. Instead of being transparent, she now has a blueish glow (similar to Halloway’s clones)
  • Every portrait hero now displays the logo of their faction
  • Addition of 6 hours patrols. While these patrols take longer, they also reward more points, so it may be easier to complete platinum tier, if the whole alliance is active.
  • Patrol system seems to have been balanced. Now patrols seem to gravitate toward longer, but more rewarding patrols. So doing the daily 100 will be harder, but plat crate may be easier (This one still needs some time to check. My alliance could have been super lucky today)
  • Unlocking a skin also unlocks a portrait of said skin.
  • Updated skill icon for a few heroes (Elite Rifleman, Vanguard and Operator. Maybe more, but I don’t think so)
  • Artwork for some portraits have been updated (Moss, Gammond, Phoenix, Scum and Cast)
    [I liked old Gammond more, but the rest look better, from my personal opinion]
  • Yanlong’s platinum has been improved. Armor under 50% HP has been increased. Can’t really tell how much since there is a bug with skill display.

That should be everything


Why was the quantity of self damage in the skill description of Moss Transfusion removed?


Probably to be similar to other self damaging skills, like Phoenix or Flatline.

But in my opinion it should be the other way. The 4 self-damaging heroes (Heckler, Phoenix, Flatline and Moss) should have the amount stated in description, so we can know if the risk is worth the reward in certain situations.


I was having doubts about heronium store. This is an awesome update. But it is sad to have maven replaced with mauler and her fragments are not farmable in hard missions. They usually give a way to get fragments in hard missions after they are replaced. Is she an exception? It is not easy to get 10 stars and at least give us a way for small amount of fragments.

Wow. You write better patch notes. You highlighted the important ones.

I’m so bitter with the unannounced shifts in the PVP store. How can we participate in getting heronium if they keep changing the toons. Seems counterintuitive.

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There’s a argument to be made for having mauler in the pvp store but why on earth put cast there? Maven was the best bio damage dealer newer players had access to especially for progressing through the campaign and raids. Cast is next to useless in every aspect of the game.


Cast looks cool though haha

But I think they shouldnt be shifting toon farming locations without consulting the community. Remember when they deliberately removied richter? Now they removed Maven and Sentry. Sentry is an accessible PVP hero. Maven is a PVE monster (so fun but impractical to use).

I was planning to push my Maven to 10 and make her a constant source of Heronium. But well ok, nvm. Haha

Cast looks like he belongs in a fish tank! Be different if used a more human skin like this. Otherwise looks like a 70’s outdated outfit…

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I’m in the same boat. My maven was at 9* still a ways to go 230/1080 but now I guess she’ll get abondoned in favor of more focus on ghoul. I’ll be damned if I focus on cast. There really needs to be a month advance notice when changes are made like this It really wrecks our progression. Or why not just leave them there and add mauler and cast to the mix as well? It’s not like it would create an over abundance of bio frags now…

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+1 to this. It should be add more farmable toons, not remove and shift or entirely make them unfarmable.

Idea is to balance out the game so we don’t end up with a bunch of 10 star hero’s also divides levels of players into elite, Mid level and low level players.

Am I the only one that realizes that they gave an unfair advantage to long time players that players without 10* heros will never see. Now you do not get a 1 to 1 elemental frag per extra frag past 10*. I’ve been trying to get my heros to 10* to take advantage of this feature now not available. So the only reason I’ve spent money on the game is not available. It’s BS. They’ve created a feature meant to benefit the less than 1% of players that have all 10* heroes. I’m requesting a refund from Google play sure to the change in gameplay and the goal I was spending money to achieve not being available now to me that was available to ask players prior to me.


You get 1 on 1…

If you buy 10 frags in the PvP store from a 10* hero you get 500 heronium, this can be spend for 10 fragments any type in the heronium store.

The problem people were talking about is the limit in the store that wasn’t here before, I’m not at that point yet but I can understand the frustration a player like joker spoke about, what you are saying just isn’t true

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You can still get elemental frags from 10* heroes. Even better, you can get elemental frags from the element YOU decide, so 10* Dogface can yield you energy or bio frags.

The people without 10* or a small amount of 10* are benefited from this change. The people with lots of 10* are the ones that may see their farming power reduced.

You should read and understand correctly before complaining.

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Nobody on the case of Beck dabbing?