Reasons why everyone is hating bounties



This patently isn’t true, Irezumi and Alcatraz are just two examples of heroes who can do obscene amounts of damage while not being bonused.

The summoning split, if I remember correctly, is 25% for each element, and another 25% for the opposite element of the main bonused hero. The reason why there was so many Mechs is everyone’s chews through the bios and energy bounties like the rabid hordes. But you don’t HAVE to use just bio heroes to be effective on Mechs.

To me it sounds like you want some kind of easy mode that requires little thinking, little skill, and massive rewards. Perhaps you should “git gud”.

The Most Wanted Crate tokens are absolutely brilliant, and are one the best things the devs added to the game as of late. The RNGesus can be evil on them, however. And for the amount of work it takes to grind out a top 5 spot, in hopes of getting two more tokens from bounty, can result in just 120 hero frags. Which I’m not going to lie, stings, especially having been rewarded them pretty frequently as of late.



I’m curious where you heard this from. The element summoned the most in bounty is the one that most of the featured faction is weak to, that much seems to be true.

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@Muninn roflmmfao those football memes are some of the funniest responses I’ve seen in a long while. Can I place this whole conversation in a funniest moments threat?

And you know that most people don’t use their full roster, or even half of it during bounty, right? Very few people have the time or energy to use up all 90+ heroes for three days straight. I can play a few hours straight and still only use up my top 50 heroes 3x. Most players use all their faction bonus heroes, then their top couple of groups for each element.

This thread is full of people complaining there were too many mech bounties and it wasn’t very enjoyable. Most developers would take that feedback and try to look into to make the next event more enjoyable.


If you have a sore leg, and tell the doctor you want it amputated, I would hope the doctor would ask questions and find the root cause of the issue before acting. Saves a lot of mess. Your attitude is a little entitled! I would check it.

That’s why I ask for feeling-based feedback, not prescriptive. I know you’ve been trying hard to not give me what I’ve asked everyone in this topic, because every time you reply, it’s purposefully contrary, but in your last message, you touched on the actual problem accidentally.

Thanks for that! I have something better to bring to the rest of the team now.

As I’ve said before: feel free to share your experiences. And share your solutions if you want, because it’s fun to pretend to be at the helm of a major game studio sometimes, but know that we respond better to feelings-based feedback that allows us to use our skills and experience to get to the heart of the actual problem. Precriptive solutions tend to only focus on symptoms, and aren’t helpful.

There’s a feedback section in the forum rules detailing how to best do this, and a section on general attitude. Please read it before you post again, as you could use a refresher before you rejoin the community.

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Muninn didnt see you make a post on any of my bounties idea / suggestions but I tag my link to this here since you’re are active on this subject on this post.

Hopefully others would read it and agree that we do need new milestones as well

Hey spider. If you read through this topic, I mentioned more than once that prescriptive solutions don’t help. We can’t accept them.


I use all the hero’s on my maxed account then change to my alt‘s use all the hero’s then switch all bounty long while I watch tv.

Usually ten billion on main and 1.5 to 2 on alts each bounty. So it is more then doable but it helps if you know hero combos and have some revives if you want max damage. Purifier damn near did 30 million damage to any element last bounty.

I feel like if you could be guaranteed to summon one of each element for 3x cost, summoning would feel much better. It also makes me happy when bounties are closer to my player level, and sad when they are not. I am also sad when I reach 300k, and there are no additional rewards to work toward. The improvements to bounty made me happy, but these other issues are quite frustrating and cloud the experience.


Edited some words so it means not to prescriptive…


This what I observed -players complain , no solutions are offered by Dev-player offer solution- Dev says solution to symptom, not offers solution to cause.
Based on the analogy mentioned patient only knows symptoms, they when worried will provide when seeing no progress is made on problem, solutions or opinions which may not be correct. But it’s the doctors job to be patient and tell them it’s not the right way. But it is also the doctors job to find the cause of symptoms . Accusing or telling patient what U said is not the right solution is also not productive as patient is not an expert. If doctor can find the cause and treat the cause then patient Will not have symptoms and they will stop complaining about that particular symptom and related ones.
Most people complain as they love this game. What they say may have emotional element but it also points out some problems. A simple we will work on this Or we will not work on it would be more reassuring. I feel bounty rewards can be made better , some more Elemental fragments And more milestones At short intervals to give motivation. Summoning I too feel if there was an option to choose the element of bounty, I would have been good. This is not my solution but opinion. If it can be done yes it’s good. If it’s not , no problem. No offence to anyone intended.


Totally agree. Muninn seems like the type of person to get all worked up and flustered over constructive criticism and takes it personal rather than understand people are only trying to help because they love this game. Are all suggestions players make great? No, of course not. Have the developers thought about a lot of them and deemed them to not work? I would assume so since that’s their day job. That still doesn’t mean a suggestion might not have been thought of. Or maybe it’s something the community really wants that the developers were unaware of?

I have never seen a developer that actually goes as far as to ban people for posting suggestions. I also have never seen a developer so quick to shut down topics because one or two people got slightly off topic or made personal attacks. These forums are ran like a police state thanks to Muninn rather than being a place for discussion and addressing issues like they should be.


Read the whole thread. To my perspective, it is incredibly hard to provide effective feelings-based feedback because it ends up being vague, unpointed, and non-reassuring to the player; a “shot in the wind” which can leave some feeling like they haven’t spoken their mind. Most players respond to symptoms directly because that’s the thing most players see, whereas roots are often obscure and hard to pin down.

I agree with @Munkey in that not all player suggestions are great, and that the feedback is being read and examined effectively. But at the end of the day, feedback is feedback, some is good, some is not. The main hope is that the whole issue is being looked at, and that players are being heard.

(As for bounties, the title of the thread is incorrect, as I personally enjoy them. I personally think polls are a great thing to use in these kinds of discussions, and to say “what’s the biggest issue regarding bounties that you would like addressed, pick 1, 2, or 3”.)


I agree with this point , but it doesn’t end the discussion . These odds must change according to faction as in UAF , UAFA we dont have any bio chem bonus dps hero , so its obvious everyone will leave the mech bounties. To make Bounty more interesting, the odds of summon must be changed and that bounty should be summoned for which the ongoing faction has more bonus heroes

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Yes, if the developers only want is feeling-based feedback I feel like that doesn’t leave much room for discussion.

So for this particular issue, you would have the initial post saying there are too many mech bounties when the majority of the bonus heroes are energy. It makes bounties not as fun when you summon a bunch of bounties and have few bonus heroes to fight them, or when you summon a bunch of low level ones.

Where does the conversation go from there since we shouldn’t offer solutions? Most people agreeing? A few disagreeing?


Sorry to necro a nearly dead thread, but I think this would be a good place to post some stats I’ve been collecting. On the topic of summoning, out of curiosity I decided to start collecting minimal data on the bounties I’ve manually summoned in the past 2 events using bucks. Here’s what I’ve collected so far.

I’ve summoned:
Mech Bounties: 88
Energy Bounties: 89
Bio-Chem Bounties: 39
For a total of: 216 bounty summons altogether.

Converting these figures into percentages gives us:
40.74% Mech Bounties
41.2% Energy Bounties
and a staggering 18.06% Bio-Chem Bounties!

While this data is purely anecdotal and of a very limited sample size (lol just me) I find that everyone I’ve shared these numbers with wholeheartedly relates to them. Note that these are summons, not just pictures of current bounties on the board like people usually post, so the argument that “well you have more mechs cause you defeat less of them” doesn’t REALLY hold water.

In conclusion, despite spending millions upon millions summoning, I’ve pulled Bio-Chem heroes LESS than 1/5th of time!


I love to do the same and compare it to your result. (Expanding the sample size)

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