So....What is this new mode

I will feel free to necrotize the appropriate topic if it exists and is not closed. I believe that’s the forum rule/policy. This thread covers COOP PvP, or in this case, COOP Tyhaftdtt take you hearts and flush them down the toilet.

So look, I understand the effort of implementing this game mode and I appreciate that effort. I am not a programmer and I can’t possibly fathom the work that goes into this game and having it work across different platforms, operating systems, and devices. BUT, I am a believer is not putting out a product until it works. I wouldn’t buy a model of car in which 40% of the headlights are wired to the brake pedal. I wouldn’t fly on a plane where one wing falls off in just under half the flights. And there’s a reason that those scenarios have no memorable history of taking place and that’s because those products are not released to consumers with those flaws.

Right now there is a tournament taking place in a game mode that I am so frustrated with that I feel I can’t participate. I COULD participate but I feel my phone would be in mortal danger of the afore mentioned flying with one wing. And there’s rewards in this tournament too, just like a standard PvP tournament’s rewards (a game mode I have 0 technical issues playing), that I will unfortunately miss out on because I am not going to play a game mode that will make me angry.

Yes I have submitted a support ticket (which only allows one picture attachment or they would have received many).

Very frustrating.

Yeah…no. This is about the reactions of the first coop pvp teaser, take your complaints to another post and this should have auto closed after 14 days, and of course there is that one post after four months

  1. Title is “So…What is this new mode”, it is not "Reactions of the first coop pvp teaser. 2. my post is about coop pvp. 3. I’ll post my remarks, or as you label it, “complaints” where I choose. 4. I find your ordering me to “take my complaints to another post” as being beyond your authority, or anyone’s for that matter. 5. should of, would of, could of…it wasn’t closed and if it was it would have changed nothing as I would have just found a similar thread about coop pvp or started another one and we would still be talking about this. So, unless you have some forum rule to point out as having been violated by me, how about we not do this? Thanks a bunch.

People stream hero hunters? Haha I want to watch

If you reread all the above posts, you’ll see that reacting to the teaser is exactly what people were doing. So… What is this new mode would be the same thing as saying What do you think this new mode is?.