Please, please, allow an extension to Xianjiu's skin

These skins are not going to be gone forever. They will appear in the future, but it may be quite some time. However if you want the skin now, I’d recommend going hard for it now :smile: Good luck!


That’s the entire problem here. There is no “going hard” for it now. There is no increase in probability by playing harder; just like there is no increased probability based on merit. That’s the point we’re trying to make. The ONLY thing you can mean by saying “go hard for it now” is “spend more money for it now”. Adding a happy emoji at the end doesn’t take any edge off the fact that the solution you gave us is “better spend more money LOL”.

If I’m in the wrong here, please point me in the direction of how I could possibly “go hard for it” without spending.

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@BananaMilk The problem is there has never been any confirmation (UP UNTIL NOW) that the skin would come back. So what’s ‘a while,’ defined as? This is possibly the most important skin we have ever had to obtain, minus Night’s medic skin back before those nerfs.

I don’t understand why there is absolutely no transparency regarding these questions. I don’t understand why it took a forum post like this to receive the answer that it would come back at some point.

For instance, an amazing post for this event could have been, ‘Obtain the Xianjiu skin now before it goes into sleepmode for 6 months before it is then released within the skin crates!’.

That statement above not only says:

  1. Try your hardest to get it now (which you have now said, @BananaMilk
    But also states,
  2. It will come back eventually guys, don’t fret if you don’t get it at this time. Here’s the timeframe to be expected.

I’m speaking for the community here. So many of us are scrambling because of the lack of transparency and that’s not cool.

Where does this end? should they give us every spoiler for a year? Tell us every character, event and skin so we know where and when to get it? You are asking for them to not surprise us at all. In the real there is a thing called FOMO which is a microtransaction marketing technique. If you knew when to save to, you wouldn’t purchase gold, so you are beating a dead horse at this point.

By the way, if everyone got everything all the time no one would have anything to work for.

@Sing we don’t really want the other rewards

You don’t want gilded tokens? Platinum parts? Yeah I do want those and have gotten some. So after you get the skin you just would stop claiming the unused tokens? Bet you won’t.

@EricWayne Talks are going on over there about class action lawsuits

This is a horribly irresponsible thing to say here. This statement makes me think you are planting a seed. It only makes it sound like a last ditch effort to escalate something that doesn’t need it. The rest of your post I explained with my response to Raz.

P.s. searching through and scrutinizing a dev’s statements bears a heckuva a lot more weight than reading community members vision/opinion of the game.

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Lol you can take your tinfoil hat off. I’m nothing but happy with HHG as a company. You can PM me if you’d like to see the other forums I was talking about to see it wasn’t any seed, just a fact that this thread is child’s play compared to what actual panic is.

That aside, me and @Raz have different agenda’s so nothing else you said applies to me in that post. I’m actually satisfied with @BananaMilk’s response. Knowing the skins WILL return eventually is a much better response than the previous open-ended answer the community got that gave no reassurance to IF they would ever return or not. I’m sure you’re able to see the difference.

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Let’s keep it on-topic and classy, guys. I don’t want to close the topic or hand out yellow cards.

Agreed @Muninn. Knowing it will come back eventually is a very good thing.

I guess I’ve gotten luck with titan cheats. 3 times I’ve gotten mark 5 frags and twice the skin(add a pair of gilded tokens. Second finally got me commando)

So…why don’t we return to the already known concept of „seasonal stores“ where you can buy the skin with the tokens? Did anyone mentioned that before ? :X

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