HIT-CALLING: Are There Any Top Alliances That DON'T Require This in Bounty?

@Papa_Marsh Absolutely correct. I’m unable to objectively argue anything you’ve said here. Admittedly, I’ve made fairly subjective arguments in my original posting.

Could you please elaborate on this?
I’m not sure how inter-alliance strategizing would be diminished if this idea were to be implemented.

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I’ll concede that this probably came, at least in part, from a place of self-interest. The point I was trying to make is that currently, it requires an additional level of strategy and communication to fully succeed in bounty. The alliances that put that extra work in are able to gain an advantage, albeit slight, over those that don’t. If HH implemented a claim feature, it would take away the ‘reward’ that top alliances currently reap from going the extra mile by creating an efficient “homemade” claim system.

In essence; creating an official claim system eliminates the marginal return that well-organized alliances receive from doing it themselves. That extra strategic effort would no longer be rewarded.


I think what he’s trying to get at is the need for communication. If you’re Alliance doesn’t communicate well internally, it will flounder. Bounty is a good example of communication issues. Communicate well and you’re Alliance will do well. Strategize on who hits what, who does clean up, who is on target and off target, etc. An alliance doesn’t HAVE to do this but in order to be efficient, they should do this. With that said, I know of a top 5 alliance that doesn’t call at all but they also don’t jump bounties (very rarely at least). They communicate very well and execute like a well oiled machine so there’s not a need to call. Like I said, my alliance we do both and folks that keep jumping bounties are forced to call. This last bounty was our first doing it and we were very successful. The guys not calling were very conscious of those that were calling.

As for inter-alliance strategizing and comms, this is going to become even more essential for alliance wars. If guys aren’t communicating well and sticking to a plan, you’ll quickly lose in the wars.

EDIT: I like the claim button idea in theory but I do think it may take away from the need to communicate. Being in an alliance is meant to be a social experience. Automating comms reduces effectiveness of teamwork and coordination.

Poobgloob, I really like them because they always have new ideas, but slowly I feel that they are starting to complain about everything new to them. (see MK Items) They have asked if they can get into a top ally, they have taken them in and are now more or less complaining that they have to announce bounty targets.

I also started small and worked my way up when I landed in a Top 25 Ally, there were rules that were new to me, meanwhile I can not imagine bounty without these rules, simply because they are very efficient.

There are 2 options, either they fit the Ally requirements or not, if not then they will not be able to stay in the Ally for long.

Hmm, I believe this is a missed expectation. I will talk with the team about this. What’s happening here is the difference between how we designed Bounties to operate and how players are actually using Bounties.

The original design intention was for Alliances to work together to kill a Bounty, perhaps 2 or 3 members work together to kill one. With the health the way it is in relation to the DPS power players have it’s more advantageous for players to hit a single bounty solo, maybe have a second player finishes of the last dregs of health with some “throw-away” Heroes.

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@Huginn - Your assessment is correct and I’m actually surprised at how little the bounties have scaled upward with the ever-increasing player power cap because it’s clear that the event’s intention was always to be a team-work thing.

I think that no matter how much you scale the hp up, you’re always going to have alliances pushing bounties to be hit by individual people simply because that’s the most straightforward and error-proof strategy available. Not to mention that with the summon feature being player based and not alliance based, it’s follows logically that players are more inclined to hit their own summons since they put forth the cost to summon in the first place.

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overlapping damage is not a big issue
however when i say i am finishing this off and an idiot will just come out of nowhere and play litteraly when i am half way through finishing it off

Lol what? Anyone that’s played in a serious top alliance will know that it’s crucial to make sure there isn’t damage overlap. For reference, what rank is your alliance? I’m curious why you feel qualified to make a definitive sweeping judgement like that.

I can only speak for me here and we’re top 150 - 200 and for us overlapping damage is nothing to worry about at all. We just do whatever we feel like.

it came to my mind now,
you could do that the normal bounty have little health and a low difficulty, like I don’t know … platinum, feasible by one person and the bonus bounty (since they have 11 hours to complete them) can be put at maximum difficulty and with a lot of health, so that to do a lot of damage, you need at least another player that helps you.
I’d like it that way, what do you think?

What I’m hearing here is that you want Bounty health to get a massive boost!



The claim button doesn’t help when one does need multiple people to hit a bounty due to it running away. Each alliance has their own approach to bounty and not all top 50 alliances have rules and restrictions like that. Some of us would like to actually enjoy playing bounty as opposed to making it a tedious and laborious task that one must participate in to stay in a successful alliance. So poob, just keep looking and you’ll find a successful top 50 alliance that understands your work schedule and has no need for such rules.


Just save enough bucks, summon and hit your own, then you don’t need to call, easy.

That would actually be a lot of fun in my opinion! It would allow more freedom thrashing bounties with our top hero lineups instead of carefully choosing who we use on each run to make sure we’re not going way overkill.

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I personally love this idea because it would eliminate another problem we sometimes see, when multiple people hunt the same bounty it doesn’t always show someone hunting like its supposed too and you end up with people wasting hero lives and doing more than the required damage in some instances oddly enough. @Muninn and @Huginn . However like someone else mentioned, sometimes you need to be able to tag team a bounty so it’d be good to have an option to leave it open as well when needed

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