Would this team work for PVP?

Dogface takes 1 1/2 clips to kill squishy energy heros or maybe im bad and miss to many headshots. Also he has a stupid long reload so I think you should be okay but it will be very close. You will need to pilot Vanguard to make sure she gets the shield.

I 100% feel you on that I hate having to not use the characters I put the time in to lvling because my team score will be too high and I will get rekt in pvp

I’m at gold, and I can sometimes kill a flatline in 1 clip, but it’s pretty hard. It’s gotta be headshots each and every time, basically.

I think if you manual vanguard, no. If halo takes damage and becomes the lowest health hero she gets a shield from vanguard. If you let CPU do it, possibly. Sometimes the CPU doesn’t do anything at all.

Really wish their AI had some rules that I could program into them. Like always cast your shield unless the lowest health character is already shielded. C’est la vie. Thanks!

There has been tons of times my Gammod would not heal or Razorback would not taunt then my dps or heals dies -_-.

I swear some heros AI is better than other heros but that is just me with a tin foil hat.

Yeah, I really think they either have better AI on some heroes, or some AI have the generic AI and it doesn’t work well for that character for whatever reason. It’s mighty frustrating.

my biggest frustration will always be when the AI gets someone to 1hp then swaps targets -_-.

Grasher within the team comp you are looking to play do you any to plat yet?

None :pensive:. I’m a plat pistol away on mauler but everyone else has a ways to go. It’s such a long grind :frowning:.

As an update, I finally put this team together (along with another team that includes Ronin). It’s a bit inconsistent, but it definitely works. Against a single DPS team I can usually win, since I disorient and hopefully stunlock/kill their DPS before they can kill Halo, and the Vanguard shield usually snaps down juuuuust in time to keep Halo alive. After that it’s just a matter of picking off flatline and killing their team one by one. The main problem I have is against Butter (his shield is a real pain to get through with Mauler’s bio damage), and specifically against heavy support teams that feature Butter. If I don’t kill the DPS and flatline within like, 30 seconds, I’m done. The damage output is pretty low with this team, but all the offensive passives focus on boosting Mauler, so I at least can dictate where the damage goes.

I’ve probably got a 90% win rate against teams that aren’t that well constructed (which, honestly, is like 75% of teams I face in the 35-40K power range), and against well constructed teams I’m probably 50/50.