When you get Quick Win Tickets from PvP Crate

~In Memory~

Until the day I die or my account gets deleted, the 4,800 Quickwin Tickets I have accumulated from PVP Crates will always stay with me.




Now there’s nothing to whine about anymore, as a dutch man I demand that I can complain. it’s in our roots that we can complain :zipper_mouth_face:

Press F to pay respects


This weekend I will hold vigil. By offering PvP Gems collected from the bodies of those unfortunate enough to face me in the PvP roulette I will celebrate the absence of the Quick Win Ticket.


Our alliance is called vigil, are we being hold? :frowning_face:

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I’d love to get other things besides tickets. I’m sitting at 5k tickets rn

We can’t get tickets anymore :smiley:

Celebrate, GIR, because August patch ended the tyranny of PvP tickets

It’s gonna be some time before I make it back to zero tickets.

You also feel that Surge is the new Quick Win Tickets?
I get Surge in every second crate.

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Im just thankful they actually readjusted it =D Though I wish they would also remove bucks and redistribute the 14.29% drop rate chance to more characters. That would make the pvp crates more rewarding.

I actually prefer bucks over most hero frags.

The bucks are appreciated, I prefer frags to make 10* hero’s easier, but getting 250k is amazing

I must be the only one sitting on 15m bucks it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

Me I hope they remove hero xp, or maybe lower it same as frags.

When you are lucky to actually win right now and get this reward


Since after qw tickets are no longer farmable from pvp crates, everyday I am getting my number of qw tickets to zero even if i get daily 50 xD

Worst part with the xp is they haven’t increased the level cap in a few months so most people are sitting on stock piles of xp.

At VIP level 8 you get 100 a dat…way more than I can use.