What’s your top 3


  1. Kobold. He does great healing and great shielding and occasionally good damage and was the 3rd new hero I got and is still on my top team.
  2. Ghoul/Purifier. Feel the burn! Great damage for both but not op. Love the area denial and dps on purifier.
  3. Commando and Duran are tied on this one.Commando is fun to use and very good damage dealer and is rewarded for crits. Duran does his job well and has saved pvps many times for me.

Honorable Mentions: Brogan sharing buffs is awesome.
Panzer does awesome damage but her reload is long. Pretty much the whole airborne faction is awesome and I plat them as soon as I get them excluding carabina can someone tell me her use.

3. Scum. He isn’t food at what he was meant to do imo but I guess his silver is to enforce the 6 feet policy lol.
2. Klayton. Doesn’t stand a chance and we all know why.

  1. Callidus. You can’t escape her heal block that lasts too long. She isn’t fun to pilot either. She is so annoying to face.
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You know that kobold is female right?

Yes i accidentally call her him a lot its sort of a typing thing I am not good at it

I made that mistake in vip chat and got much correction lol

Its no problem buddy, I’m happy that you shared your ideas with us :slight_smile:

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Carabina is OK but she is one buggy hero sometimes her marker doesn’t apply, and you can use her silver skill, then roll to another cover and keep shooting while her silver skill is still going. Otherwise Carabina is decent support and can increase damage for your team.

Ok cool i got her when she came out put her at gold then left her because of accuracy and the skills as you said are buggy

She does an incredibly amazing job at raids and also pretty good at pvp

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My favorites are Kurtz(both to use and face in pvp), odrachi and hivemind. Halo, matador and hemlock are also above my favorites. Least favorite is hard, so many heros I only use in bounty as team fillers and never consider otherwise.

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top favorite uh?
Hmm… it’s an hard question.

  1. Alcatraz
    It’s pretty obvious why

  2. Baron
    he’s an underrated hero, he can do his damage if he’s used well.
    he’s the only one with an actual Minigun

  3. Heckler
    He’s been my favorite ever since I started, he’s a cool robot.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Striker
    I’m finding out her now, her drones do a lot of damage, she’s versatile and I’m winning a lot of PvP with her.

  2. Prophet & Artemis
    it took me two years to unlock them and it was worth it.
    perfect for both PvP and Raid and especially now that Prophet has got the buff I finish the gorgon in 3 seconds.

  3. Galante
    All hail the Glorious Godlante

Hates (they’re not heroes I really hate, mostly I hate them when people abuse them)

  1. Castellan

  2. Mandrake

  3. Ronin


1st: Mandrake. One of the first 3* heroes I got and the first one I made gold. Since then used in PvP every day. Despite all the nerfes he’s still a good choice in PvP.

2nd: Kobold. I like her shield and heal. Before she was introduced I used Heimlock and Butter but with her I can use another DPS or Phalanx for additional shield.

3rd: the seasonal damage dealer. It was Ronin a long time, then Siren, then Shivs, now 4cep. Whoever does a great amount of damage, I like him/her for obvious reasons.

1st: Klayton for being the most useless hero.
2nd: Klayton for being the most useless hero.
3rd: Klayton for being the most useless hero.


Astrix, siren, dogface

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  1. Beck - she looks cool and i like her design. her abilities don’t sync well though.
  2. Vanguard - a straightforward tank. IDk but i just really like him.
  3. Moss - he’s one of the very first healers I’ve had and learned to play around teams with him. Clyde - I like how random he is as well as his overall design and how his abilities sync with each other.
    Hivemind, Oracle, Halloway, Wesson
  4. Alvarez - frikkin hate it when you’re piloting a toon then he suddenly drops that debuff that makes you a sitting duck
  5. Shivs - ruined PvP for me worse than Panzer
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My Top 3 (Level-wise):

  1. Artemis (My first 7* so I invested a lot of time and effort into her. It paid off in the end)
  2. Cinder (Daily Missions)
  3. Maven (Daily Missions)

My Top 3 (Favorites)

  1. Prophet (Awesome design, great DPS and a very satisfying kit to play around)
  2. Clyde (I am in love with the design and the risk of playing him. His “all-or-nothing” play style is something I really love about him and also the fact that his voicelines are really good. I am still trying to figure out why his name is an acronym though.)
  3. Moss + Heckler (Joint 3rd because I can’t decide. I love Moss’ design and how they are going with this “Grim Reaper” feel to him while Heckler has this “one-man army” feel to him, even if his Overclock gets him killed a lot.