What is most stable thing in Hero Hunters? Bugs!

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Nothings perfect, the game isn’t and you aren’t either, but yes there are huge, entire discussion on it Alr tho,

Could it be your device ?

I’ve never experienced any major bugs like that, I always see people complaining about bugs but I have personally rarely seen them, makes me wonder why that happens…

Nope. This bug continues from first days of this game. On various devices and various players. Plus situation same all times – you need do 3-4 try before game is close. If something bugged same way during years this is not a bug. This is unofficial feature.

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I haven’t experienced this issue in years, but a few things came to mind to check that I hope are helpful…

Are you using wifi or are you using mobile data? Do you experience the same issues using wifi versus mobile data?

Regarding your device, how much free space do you have? How old is it, and how much memory does it have?

This should not be happening if you have a new(ish) device. When I had this issue years ago it was because my tablet was outdated and just didn’t have enough memory to keep up.

Maybe also check and make sure in the options that the HD graphics is set to reg and that High frame rate is off. Just trying to help. Hope it gets resolved for you.

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