What are your most hated items of equipment?

Gold and silver pistol fragments. HO. LY. SHIT. Almost all of the silver heroes that I recently got to gold needed those. Gold Throwing Stars have been a constant pain, too; I rarely see them in the alliance store and I’m using Gauntlet gems to buy Dogface frags (which convert into Heronium), so I’m stuck spending energy to hopefully reach 6 by the end of the day (after doing a bunch of hard mode missions for hero frags).

Dang I haven’t realized how much you have caught up to me. But I totally agree HH gives those who want’s to only play it for free an amazing opportunity to do so. In the beta me and another player(sadly I have forgotten his name after he changed it and I’m unsure if he still plays) crushed it at vip 0. Being in the right alliance does also help :wink:

I don’t get gold stars that often anymore since I got all heroes to plat right now. But I would say all the Cores with different MK is though to get as you need so many of them. Most of my alliance gems goes to them now days

Anything I need 6 of to upgrade is a pain, namely for gold upgrades.

Cant imagine your opinion on plat equipment then, you need 14 pieces to craft one, and a gold equip

Core Mk 4 was the most time I’ve spent on crafting an item. The only efficient way to craft it is by buying all the core parts from the alliance store but even then its like over 10k gems for it, which would be over multiple events. The swords are pretty annoying too, since you need 36 in total to craft it which is a ton.
I think it’s fair seeing as that the key to the highest rank we have right now, but boy does it take a awhile!

Nice conversation, im a vip 0, i used stamina at all, never buy fr store, only for frag :sweat_smile:

use alliance store for gold star. best store for it

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