Updates to Quick Win Allowance

Does this mean you will be reducing their availability elsewhere :grinning::star_struck::pray:t4:


wink wink :joy::joy::joy::joy::wink::wink::wink::wink:

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Could you please also increase the stamina

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THIS would solve lots of probelms.

Is there a likelihood that we who have many quick victory tickets can at some point be redeemed for something?

That’s why I’ve been getting quick win tickets, I thought it was a glicth I messaged support and everything

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I think there should be a new store where u Can trade things like quick win tickets for say stamina or 2 bronze fuel cells for one silver things like that I think people would appreciate that like the ones who have lots of quick wins

Tylerdude, if there was a feature like that it would kind of displace quick win tickets, and a store for something that you don’t work for?

As a VIP 5 I went from always running out of quick-win tix or being on the edge of running out, to having about 1,200 (and growing fast) in surplus since this change went into effect. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have too many and not need them than need them and not have them but man, that pendulum really swung hard the other way. If they are going to make it so that it’s almost impossible for anyone to run out, I’d really like to see them either remove or greatly reduce the probability of getting them from PvP crates.

And NOT just by increasing the likelihood of getting XP. That’d just be straight-trolling by HHG :wink:

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I totally feel you. Went from hovering at 100 to 1250 in less than a week. More tickets are totally cool and good, but sometimes when you open PVP crates and look at another 20 added to your inventory, you wish there’s something you can do with it considering that energy generates much slower.

By the sound of it if we will all get to the point where we have 10000000s of quickwin tickets that the number wont event fit on the screen with no other way of lowering might aswell give everyone an infinity quick win ticket XD but like you said rather have to many than not enough

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Honestly, at this point I doubt you’ll see many players, if any, starving for quick-win tickets. With so many other currencies and materials in the game, they ought to just get rid of quick win tickets entirely. Players are already capped with how much they can farm due to Stamina, why have a pointless quick-win ticket economy on top of it?

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We’ve taken a look at Quick Win Tickets in the PvP Crate for the next update. as a whole you should see less of them coming from the Crate.


Is there a way you could increase the stamina limit or let vip players receive extra stamina every day? That would be really helpful.

If quick win tickets doesn’t consume energy, I’m pretty sure it would be more useful. There is no point having so much quick win tickets with limited energy.

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If u work for ur equipment and u have say 50 solve fuel cells and u need a gold y shouldn’t u be allowed to grad for it the quick win tickets are just one thing there are tons of different items u should be able to trad for I think

What if you can pump quick win tickets to reduce the stamina cost of a run by 1, down to a minimum of 1. Gives a quick way to burn a ton of tickets and save some stamina. No one would probably have too many.

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This is a most excellent news! I can’t wait to see the August update.

Sounds great!
May this .gif be a thing of the past! :pray:t4::+1:t4:

We need more daily stamina you should also include some sort of Stamina that comes out with the daily tickets I know we get around 40ish stamina if we login certain times of the day but you can burn through stamina in a few quick wins since the drop rate sucks so bad. I literally went through almost 100 stamina just to get 5 gold hour glass looking things. That is just one I mentioned there are many more out there that suck at dropping.