Most veterans would understand the urgency and need participate in an event. As in all circumstances, it’s never fair. We just suck it up and adapt.

Lol it’s never fair because it’s part of the cash grab scheme. The flatline crate is 499. These events should be geared to making people feel more included in the game.

IMO, as my point when I was a newbie, flatline rewards shouldnt have flatline as a required character to participate in. Saying that it’s part of the system propagates these bad recurring practices. Lol so uncool

It’s nothing strange or unique for this game that newer players don’t have all the required characters yet. Whatever game you start playing I bet you will encounter events where you can not participate yet. Frustrating for some maybe but it’s not the whole world.

Actually all games do that, not just this game, i played a racing game where you needed a certain car, or a fighting game where you needed a specific warrior.

And to be honest, we get a lot of free stuff, my flatline is bad so I won’t do well this tournament I think

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When I started, I remember sapphyr was the dojo frag and found myself in the middle of a bounty. I bought basic VIP to be able to buy sapphyr crate and participate on the bounty. This is just a simple scheme to make players buy. For an online game, they need to maintain servers so although they are not making a lot of money from me, I’d like to think they at least breakeven. As someone also involved in software, I make sure to at least pay a bit to keep the game I like from shutting down so I purchase the $5 gold drop monthly.

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Agree the devs need to have their KPIs and revenue stream to maintain the overhead of the programmer, server etc. Failing to meet those stated, lesser resources will be dedicated here and eventually lead to death of the game.

Did they change the rewards for the Showdown brawl? Was there always Gold? If I remember it right the rewards were much smaller the last times.

Or they could do what they did with Cider awhile back. Make it so everybody has that hero for the event. Their level is the same as the highest hero of the four you pick. This will still generate revenue, because people will see how well they do and will more than likely buy them.

But no matter what they do you’re never going to make everybody happy. That’s just life. Nothing is fair.