To many Mech bountys?!

I would be okay with a 33% spawning rate for each element. You can go with energy against energy and still do decent damage. But I went with energy for Mech, because I had to kill them somehow so new can get spawned.

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This needs to be on top, more people are talking about this problem.

Some simple bounty changes that we need to not destroy this game.

We get to many bounties that are the opposite of the team we can use, this destroys the fun of the bounty and the need to use stamina.

Make it 33.333% not how it is now

Buffs and debuffs
Damage done to a bounty needs to be carried on to the next wave, we all waste so much on damage over time when it resets.

Let us use skills so we can go full in and the damage over time is taken into the next round

More things could be added but we need a small makeover, and this will benefit everyone, either to fight or to gain interested again.

Please give suggestions to improve our gameplay, let’s bring back the fun of bounties for everyone.

Skills like Becks silver and Surges bronze? Or aoe skills like mavens bronze?
First one would be good, second one technically hard to do and against the purpose of the skill.

What should be addressed too, is the running of many bountys. If you throw an aoe skill at them, middle line heroes run like hell, not standing still for more than a second, so you don’t really have a chance of doing damage to them on the first wave.
Changing positions is okay, but not that much.

I mentioned it in Discord, but I’ll mention it here as well. The way we generated Bounties previously was flawed in that it did end up spawning more of a particular element than we were aware of. We are working on changing how we generate Bounties in the future so that we have better control over which heroes, elements, etc appear for hunting.


While I appreciate the use of multiple channels to reach all of us. is it possible to make the information coming from HH available on all your platforms (fb/forum/discord) ?

I neither have nor care to have a discord account, but i sometimes feel like i’m missing out on information. And having 3 places to look/comb through takes a bit too much of my time.


I know I’ll sound rude now. But if you don’t care to share this information here don’t have a forum.

Edit: many HH representatives have confirmed in various topics that all that is posted here is read by HH. This thread was up for four days and than you confirm this is an issue after the end of the event? Don’t expect all to follow discord that will upset your customers.

The forum should be the main platform to share information, since it doesn’t get lost here.
In discord it is gone in a few minutes and hard to find again, while facebook is more for advertisement. In forum everyone can get the information easy and without registration. And you can easily put a link to the post on facebook and discord to share the information there too

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In HH’s defense, the events are run over the week-end. I’m pretty sure i wouldn’t want to read a work email/forum over the week-end.

Everyone needs this time to unwind.

Be happy that they admitted there was an error and that there will eventually be a fix for it. But don’t expect that fix to be in place for next bounty

It’s Wednesday.

The interesting part is when was this information shared on discord?

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