This is hurting the game!

We all know what this is about by now, co-op pvp, yep, thats it, the one where it pairs a team of new players with 1k power combined with maxed out rubies, it’s ridiculous,

This is ruining matches and tournaments, no one plays it unless there is a tournament bc of this,
Deca, will you please fix the pvp matchmaking system, it really is painful and makes that game mode impossible,


Does deca even know this happens? Or the fact the fact that 10% of matches are like this?
Plus I really hate the rematch chains, where you fight the same people over and over for no reason, uggggh

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HH knew about it for a long time and they never addressed it, I seriously doubt it will ever be fixed

Hopefully deca takes action on it, they do a lot better at listening to us and not chat banning us for saying “hi”, so yeah, there’s more hope than HH, bc they stank,

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From what I know, this isn’t actually a case of a bad matching making system, it’s cause is from a exploit players preform.
This topic has been addressed hundreds of times and has gone no where each time. Anyone who even mentions said exploit or just acknowledges it, (with the intent of bringing things to light for them to be fixed) usually gets their comments deleted and what not.

My personal guess is theirs no simple fix to the issue, hence why the issue was never addressed formally by HHG. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

This is a fix: scraping Co-op PVP altogether :slight_smile:

Sometimes there are bad matches…
I play with a buddy that is quite the bit lower level than i am. Yet we manage to take out the top dogs with ease. You win some you lose some. I personally like the system because it poses a challenge for us

Don’t know how I feel about pairing some high rubies with low plats, I come across those teams a lot and they shred my team when we are just playing normally, really annoying, I feel like maybe make it so each team has to stay within a certain amount of their friend, so no high end low end matches,
Ex. Friend one posts a high mk2 and high fiber, friend 2 has to post heros that are 10k within their power to play, basically make teams a kind of balance,

Won’t solve your problems i can tell you. Best way is to adapt and learn defeat. If you notice a really high team just switch to a less consistent setup and wait until you’re sure they’re not there again. Best i can help you is to give a tip

That whole game mode needs an overhaul in general dude, unplayable for lower level players, they had a good idea, they just didn’t think about this happening, rip co-op, never - never

Tbh, just ain’t my thing anyway, maybe for some people, but even if the major issues are fixed, still prob wouldn’t be for me,

The whole game is a mess in many ways at this moment. Even in a messmost players will stay but if they want stable numbers they need to take heavy action

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Agreed, and many payers like us are devoted, we ain’t gonna leave until they do,

right now, I think the next update after they add the next hero should be a major “patch” update, fix pvp systems, balance many heros, add skins, etc… while giving us many more events to stay occupied,

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