The end of Hero Hunters PVP unless they Sort out Yeager’s OP. Solo players keep beating teams of 5 with double the power

While we’re crying.

(Players min maxing ronin that cry, you made my day, enjoy your weekend)

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No need to cry, this is just a game… so… I think if we keep posting this kind of picture, new style of playing is coming soon…

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Nerf every hero that stands out in its own way. So we can enjoy never ending battle of healing and reviving. I was being sarcastic. We all know how he fare in 5 vs 5. Then the problem is not OP Yeager. It is how he is utilized as solo hero mentioned above by the others. Personally, I got really care if he get nerfed or not. He is just not my favorite hero. Consider this as the punishment for those not playing at their level. But I feel sorry for low power guys still struggling at the game for meeting this kind of combination.

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This happens if you build Yeager 20/85/85


Hahahahahaha. I haven’t tried that. It’s so funny.

I also fell victim to this OP character. I was considering upgrading him to plat so I can give people a taste of their own medicine but then I thought, they’re probably gonna nerf him in the next update anyways.

Thanks to this post, there’s a handful of people in the top 100 using just yeager and matador.

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