👥 Team Compositions for Upcoming 2v2 PVP

Wow… 2v2 PvP…

Curious about the reward, tho… :grin:

Try the synergies from the most useful heroes for AW…

Combo of Serial + 4cep + Serial + 4cep…
All in ruby grade…

Potentially, or it could be the power of your team matching the power of your ally.

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A pair of ruby Serial and Lancer could be hard to defeat imho, especially for players with level 94 and below. Wondering if level 95 players goes automatically to the new bracket, Legendary.

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Some early matchups. For bots, your power is matched up with one of your opponents, while your ally is matched up with the other.

For real players it should be the same mechanic, but at the moment the player pool is very small, hence that mismatch.


Please is this the update?

The update is out on iOS, if Android isn’t out yet, it should be very soon.

Yeah I’ve definitely gotten a few weird match ups, but besides that, I’m loving it!

Duran seems to be a very useful hero for 2pv2p. One less hero on the team means he’s able to manage more allies effectively.

Also yeah, definitely some imbalance in the system. Hope that gets leveled out


Over the past couple days since the release of Coop PvP, @Braveheart596 and I have been playing a lot of match’s together, and we’ve discovered that this team works out real well. We’re winning around 80% of the matches that we’ve played, excluding the weird match-ups.

I’m curios to see how this team does when there maxed out. I wonder if there performance will still be just as good then. :thinking: Can any of you top players out there try it out, and see what happens?