"Special Offers" devs?

Main issue is there now 70 hero plus in game and Gauntlet uses 25 or less of them at high end. So most heros go unused till bounties or I have more power than you alliance wars. Maybe adding something like Alliance patrols for Solo use aswell sending higher power team recovers better rewards. Choose between cash, frags, Parts etc as there aim to scavenge but might bring back some of each hell maybe find a gold bar etc… Just need something to do with surplus heros other than wait for next bounty

Patrols and Alliance Wars!

Again I’m active a lot and patrols don’t use all heros now and alliance wars take 5 min as no strategy needed to beat anyone you have 63675 with healers reviver tank etc mostly mechs. Here’s my my 63987 team of energy tanks I win ?. Or heres my 1 hero 20k your team of heros 19678 I win. Sorry but without better coding Alliance wars are boring

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