Skins are coming!

I have two ideas:

  1. I call her Kochi, original design do not steal.


  1. New Operator skin that is most definitely not the Medic unit from Payday 2.


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@Poobgloob That’s some nightmare material right there. Kudos :no_mouth:

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I know is still Razorback because it has the same charming smile

how about caine or heckler look like connor or android with human skin and has a scar from detroit become human?
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Then they would be nothing more than S Y N T H abominations!
A D V I C T O R I U M.

I want sexy Nurse Flatline and maybe a more Cockney looking Chesterfield.

Speaking about Chesterfield, he is a Drone? As in someone is actually remotely controlling him rather than him actually being there?

How about a Skin of the ‘Real’ Chesterfield?


I knew it.


Haha! I am very amused that THIS was top of your mind.

How about a ginger bread costume for our ginger bearded hunter?

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Rofl, alright looks like we’re moving onto Christmas Skin ideas :joy:

Yes, and: Dogface as Santa is too obvious!

I’d rather go with Artemis/Nightingale Santa

Savage would be the best Santa :joy:




… … …Count Mandrakula…?


This thread is getting out of hands lol

On a serious note, I feel that there should be an alternate skin set that would allow heroes to be identified more easily with their faction. Take a look at the LMB concept art from The Art of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

You can obviously tell these units are from the same faction: digital camo, red arm bands, and white balaclavas. We already have something like this in the base game where the UAF Heroes have military green outfits and the KLG Infantry Heroes have the “evil” black scheme. Morlocks Heroes - to a lesser extent - can be identified somewhat easily due to their design being obviously “witch-like.”

But then you look at someone like Halo or Artemis - what are they wearing!?

What about the Patriots? The Patriots don’t look patriotic at all!

tl;dr hoping for faction wide skin outfits that let players identify a hero’s faction.

A few leaked / hinted skins.
The Steele skin is from the Panzer introduction video that can be found on YouTube and the rest are from the actual game if you navigate to the Skins tab then click the [i] in the upper right corner.
Phonenix looks cool!



That Heckler looks gorgeous

I don’t agree.
Heckler’s original skin is my second favorite (after Chesterfield) in the game. The version above looks a bit messy. But of course I want it! Now!