Skins are coming!

@ULFPAM Genius :joy:


Surgeon Surge

Let’s make it happen people! :rofl: #HalloweenSkins2018


This goes beyond what my app can produce but you get the idea:
Skeleton Morphsuit Savage.

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rofl, please don’t make me imagine Savage in a morphsuit :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::joy:

I love vaquero Clyde, but Nightingale cosplaying Heimlock is lovely too


I noticed that Razorback has a ‘Pumpkin Head’ symbol on a lot of his equipment (shoulderpads, kneepads, weapon, chest armor) …

I think that Pumpkin Head Razorback would be a fitting Halloween Skin :jack_o_lantern:
@Rook @Howitzer @Huginn


Yikes! Well Hothead, here you have your Halloween work already done.


These are all great ideas!

I have two ideas:

  1. I call her Kochi, original design do not steal.


  1. New Operator skin that is most definitely not the Medic unit from Payday 2.


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@Poobgloob That’s some nightmare material right there. Kudos :no_mouth:

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I know is still Razorback because it has the same charming smile

how about caine or heckler look like connor or android with human skin and has a scar from detroit become human?
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Then they would be nothing more than S Y N T H abominations!
A D V I C T O R I U M.

I want sexy Nurse Flatline and maybe a more Cockney looking Chesterfield.

Speaking about Chesterfield, he is a Drone? As in someone is actually remotely controlling him rather than him actually being there?

How about a Skin of the ‘Real’ Chesterfield?


I knew it.


Haha! I am very amused that THIS was top of your mind.

How about a ginger bread costume for our ginger bearded hunter?

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Rofl, alright looks like we’re moving onto Christmas Skin ideas :joy:

Yes, and: Dogface as Santa is too obvious!

I’d rather go with Artemis/Nightingale Santa