Silver Crate

I’m not into the idea, personally. Players already make enough accidental purchases. A buy 100+ option is a loaded gun.


Why don’t you make it a toggle then? like a drop down menu of how many you want to buy?


At least this purchase is mostly harmless. Most people that would use the x100 option are meaning to do it anyway. Besides if they do make an accidental purchase they lose out on 650k in game cash.

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If it can be tapped on, someone will mis-tap. I’ll submit it as feedback, as always, but I’m personally not on board with giving players a way to sink all their bucks in one tap.


On the topic of accidental purchase, can we please get rid of the 10X gold crate purchase. 1000 gold accidentally purchased can be crippling for many users and majority of the content in there are absolutely atrocious.


The only way to do this is to tap on the Crate and then tap on the purchase option. I’ll bring it up with the team, as always, but adding extra confirmation steps won’t solve much if people are making accidental purchases with two steps already in place that require tapping on different parts of the screen.

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Surplus cash? What’s that? lol

Something you have right before they increase the lvl cap

So you don’t want to add a toggle option because people could still accidentally toggle it on and buy 10x gold crates(or whatever one), but you also don’t want to add a 100x buy crate on the silver crates because it would be another crate people could accidentally buy?

Sorry, a toggle option would just help reduce risk. Sure people could accidentally turn the toggle on and still accidentally buy 10x crates, but it would be one more step they would have to take and just help reduce the number of accidental purchases overall.

As for the silver crates, buying 100x of them is still only 650k. This might suck for newer players (it’s a drop in the bucket for anyone who has been playing awhile), but if accidentally purchased it is far less impactful than if they accidentally spend 1000 or even 2700 gold on the other crates


Very well said @Deathleech.

As I said, I’ll bring it up to the team, but I PERSONALLY don’t like the idea. I’m not looking to debate it. I said what I said. If the team does say “sure, let’s do this,” it’s likely to be extremely low on the priority list, just fyi.

Lmao…tjats truth there

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