Should VIP9+ really get 33% more hearts for tournaments?

The rewards add up over time but its mostly about fairness. A good Dev should support modes that don’t require a $100 buy-in to place in the Top 10. It’s not about busting out every last heart either, every PVP event is ranked by your team power in wins, so the vast majority of everyone’s score will be from playing their strongest team with the highest winrate.

I’m more likely to spend $$$ on this game long-term if I feel the Developers are supportive of events with an even playing field than if I think they just want my money.

Okok, check the top 200 teams this PvP event, there are people in it with silver and gold hero’s…

That’s enough dots

Sorry I’m noticing I’m getting annoyed with all the crying for nerfs, free stuff, punishing players for nothing, punishing players because they put in some money(100$ really? For 4 months of playing? That’s 25 dollars a month…) I’m not a big spender, lot’s of people are higher, hell I reached vip 9+ this month stop complaining, you aren’t making this game anymore fun.

Also done with this topic have fun

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