Role Warfare: Health and Healing

Agreed, we need the whales, that’s why I like these guys still put in the effort to make this game better for everyone here on the forum, this has a good community even when people have opposite opinions

OK, seems to me a lot of people are talking about the life gain, but not about the change to healing.

At his point my thought is, that the start of matches will see characters live longer, but the matches still might last about the same length. I don’t know how many times I almost killed a character to have them heal a lot from the HoT skills, of Matador and Gammond. Same with Moss and his team heal. If those get a slight nerf, I could see in the long run it evening out.

welcome to group nerfing lool
After a while they finally realized that f2p are very valuable, it wasn’t that hard to understand that most players not gonna pay even for vip1, and since they can’t get money from them, they decided to get more from p2p lool
hotheads lol

I don’t get how that’s relevant to this thread. Please explain! And I’m sure Hothead are wary of their business models.

You do know f2p translates to “FREE to play”, by its very definition they don’t spend money.

It’s relevant because it’s a nerf and all players who invested, time and/or money, in heroes they love are going to be desopointed. It’s going to be a huge nerf.
Imo, they thought that $5 is nothing for the game u love and it’s true. In theory everything sounds sweet, but reality is different. Same time f2p were getting tired of nonstop manual playing and it wasn’t the heroes that bothered them the most. Never ask a customer what he wants. It’s like with girls, don’t ask them what’s the problem. Real man always will think what the problem and resolve it. Same here, customers can’t tell mostly because they don’t know themselves. Yes, they can give feedback and it’s helpful to improve product, but they can’t tell what’s wrong with it. So, most of f2p after couple of months ditched the game which created huge problem for makers. Remember when they give us free hero frags and gold with message don’t leave? that was the time they realized that they must have f2p. Now they give all Razor and other heroes and creating a more balanced game. All healers are hard to get and impossible for f2p to star up, so they what to balance it lol. huge mistake imo. They better give way more tickets and option to get healers by creating ranking rewards with something that f2p can reach top rewards. f2p left mostly cuz of manual annoying and impossible to play. They simply don’t pay period. Not even a penny. U can’t trick them. And that vip annoying message every time poping up should be gone by “don’t show again”.
Also, if u mess up the skills the hero is kinda useless and it’s mad stupid too. There’s more into it, im lazy to type lol. It’s a group nerfing basically lol

We still don’t know if it’s a nerf. They’re increasing health points, how is that a nerf? They making roles, probably a hero with the role Healer will still be able to heal like mad. Let’s see how this works out. :slight_smile:

I am still worried this will make Moss irrelevant, probably it won’t, but I’m not calling it a nerf until I see how the Roles Warfare works in reality.


I hope u right, but I’ll bet money on it;) It’s gonna be big. Btw, the game is really amazing and it feels like it was invited and implemented by real gamers with tech background. But way too violent. I’m not saying ab shooting. It’s other stuff which a lot of millennials mix with reality cuz they deep into web in general. for example, “You died”. Really?!?!?! Can’t think of other message?!

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Just a suggestion, why not add a double function to the SKILLS/HEAL.


2nd SKILL Rally Cry:
Heals 5K per second ON/DURING PVPs
Heals 10K per second on Campaign and Raid Missions. (helps carrying and new players a lot)

This method will make everyone happy at the end. (in my case I max my healers for Co-Ops)

This is a suggestion not a complain.


Some online games have different functions on skills like that, for PvE vs PvP. So I could see it for this too. Actually a good idea to me. You killed his healing with the suggestion, but the suggestion itself is good

UP!! for this green dudes idea. (whatever that picture is)

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It’s a green shark with the mouth full of candies.

Aye, if you don’t like the game it’s better to stop playing it and delete it. It’s very frustrating to keep playing a game you actually don’t enjoy / think is worth the time.

No i love the game
I truely enjoy playing it
But from what i read ans saw if this new update is making the game worse i am delting it for sure

Imo more health would make PvP matches better, to much hero’s drop in a few seconds, sometimes I have fight that last 23 seconds, you don’t even have the time to use the skills on a lot of hero’s, this will shake up the mate a bit, making more hero’s actually viable for PvP.

I don’t know what changing the roles will do, I’ll keep silent on that and wait for the upcoming update.

I do hope it’s taken in to consideration that affecting the health of hero’s it will also effect the campaign map time consumption, so it might be impossible to beat some missions, especially hard mode.

This is my biggest concern about this change.

7-1 hard already features a 1.5M HP Vanguard (unless they have reduced it already).
9-10 hard features a 3/3.5M HP Scum.

Both maps are quite hard, and it’s not because they do a lot of damage, but because it takes way too long to kill them if you don’t use a team of 5 DPS (and then you are probably going to lose even before reaching last wave)

Thanks for all the comments and feedback here Hunters. I’m going to close this out for now.

We’ll be posting another update on Role Warfare soon. :ok_hand: