Remove Mandrake from PVP

Look like you hear only himself. And look like you think what anyone who something critic of game balance is 100% loser and don’t make any win in PVP. Make final judge decision based only on your opinion is prerogative of 10-12 year old childrens. Think about this.

We’re starting to edge towards personal attacks. Careful, everyone. Bans handed out at this point will extend into 2020.

Why is everyone having hate towards peoeople who want a nerf

Drake is fair where he’s at.


This is another reason why I suggested “random” PVP. long ago. It would completely do
away with complaints like this.

If it could be added to the PVP format. I’m sure it would be a success.

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I will suggest him to remove the app from phone instead lol


Thats not good, why would someone take a choice from everyone cause someone cant win a pvp fight against someone with drake in his team. Lol this one is new. And once again since i saw him say again that drake cloaks his teammates indefinitely, he doesnt, once they heal up to a certain point they are visible again they even added a change where drakes cloak is time limited as well so ppl dont just hide till the end of the round. Guy doesnt know basics and needs to git gud.

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I truly agree that Mandrake is a nuisance in the PVP as he cloak invisibility to the allies, but he only cloaks them when an ally has a certain percentage of health left (e.g. when your allies health reached below 30%, then the invisibility cloak activates). The cloaking will only stop if the expected amount of health reached (like when it reached to above 30%, then the invisibility cloak will stop).


Note: While cloaking in invisibility, the health is being regenerated.
Note: Percentage used are just an example.

And also regarding about shooting…
When in Autoplay…
You can have those heroes who can shoot who are in invisible state (e.g. nightingale) just by simply tapping the invisible one to lock on.


But if you don’t want to be in Autoplay, then manually shoot them… You can actually see them but not clearly…


Just pay attention the Enemy Hero’s Health and where they are standing…


I was just making a suggestion of a PVP “random” to be added to the usual lineup. I for one think it would be an interesting & new twist on things. The user has no choice but to use the heroes he/she is dealt. Meaning there aren’t any OP choices. You get what you get & that’s what you battle with.

That actually sounds like a really fun and refreshing idea. Only downside I could see is people complaining about RNG when their team compositions are consistently awful lol.

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That’s the thing… With random you have no control over who you get. People are going to complain regardless of what goes on. But overall, I think it would be a great add to the game…

I wouldn’t mind a random PVP mode at all, as long as it’s separate from free play. I wouldn’t want random PVP matches to deplete my hearts for any given 12 hour period.

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Someone will always complain

Random mode sounds fun. Not a replacement, but a side PVP thing.

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Yeah could work, but i would add it as a torunament. With random rewards :slight_smile:

That’s what I was suggesting. Do it as a choice included in conjunction with the regular PVP choice. I said it before. Nobody is going to be 100% happy no matter what happens. Someone is always going to complain. But, random means random, you get what you get.

I gotta say…I kinda like it. But maybe we should take this conversation to it’s own thread? right now it’s attached to a topic that just doesn’t need to be discussed…at all.

Weird discussion. BigWhite, you started an usually “nerf-these-this-that-thread” and complained about something irrelevant. After some replies you didn’t like you complain about that no one complains about something that has nothing to do with your original thread. Strange.

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Closing, as it’s getting personal again.