PVP Loadouts

I’m not sure. If I had to guess I’d say probably somewhere between 63-72%. There are definitely some match-ups that absolutely obliterate me, but I think every team’s gonna have some bad matchups.

The heal block is very nice against Flat, Mandrake, Keel, Francois, Halo…and others.

TBH, most times I’m just letting Nightingale pilot on autopilot and simply choosing her target.

I know many don’t agree with my philosophy regarding playing with Tier-2 and Tier-3 teams, nevertheless, here is my most up-to-date PVP-Grind outline. A " * " indicates a hero who is essentially irreplaceable to the team, so if they lose all lives either revive or move on. I’d consider the first three (reading down the column) my Tier-1; next five Tier-2, and last 2 Tier 3.

And there are some heroes I just don’t have, same as top of OP.

I’m sure win% changes as you move up in power (since everyone at a certain power is probably more serious), but at the 40k level I’m pretty disappointed if I don’t have a 90%+ win rate.

I believe you’re right. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think 90% win ratio at this level, in the elite bracket, is probably too high to achieve for most if not all.

Ryan maybe you can teach me how to pvp. if you want to add me Busy Corrupt

Yeah, at the 40K level most teams aren’t well thought out and only like 10-20% of teams are actually good. But the teams that are good can include serious min-maxers who’ve got their guys at like, lvl 40 10 stars, full silver, which isn’t really possible at 100K power.

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Spirit: I’m no expert at PVP, that team I run just synergizes well. As mentioned, when I play that team I mostly just put Nightingale on autopilot and simply pick targets for her, and spam the skills buttons.

When I play with my other teams, I manually pilot more often, depending on what I’m doing in real life. I play every team different though as far as who to open with, when/why to switch hero, to whom, etc…

A lot of PVP is just having a good team: a team that works well together, is balanced in terms of DPS/Support/Tank, is balanced in heroes’ levels, has diversity of elemental damage, and has answers to common problems (Flatline, Mandrake, etc…).

Most of the rest of PVP is prioritizing in any given fight who to attack first with whom; and that’s where it’s very complicated. It depends on many considerations. If there is someone I can kill very quickly, like in 1.5 clips or less (a low HP, high DPS target like Clyde/Siren for example) that might be the first priority. In another match, killing someone annoying like Flatline, Ifrit, Mandrake, Caine might be priority #1, otherwise the enemies won’t die (Mandrake) won’t stay dead (Flatline/Ifrit), or must be ignored (those supported by Caine). In another match, killing somebody who is going to get way stronger later (such as Cinder, or Castellan) might be the priority. It all depends on what’s achievable too. If I’m pilotting Panzer, I might go for the quick knockout on Castellan, because I can achieve it. In contrast, if my mech DPS unit is Dogface, I probably can’t kill Castellan by the time he receives his first heal/shield, so I should target a support I can kill quicker first. The real challenge comes when you encounter multiple first priorities at the same time. If you’re attacked by Mandrake, Flatline, Ifrit, Caine, and Castellan, who do you attack first? Tough choice, but the right answer probably depends on who is on your team as well.

By and by, I’d say in most games the key is turning it into a 5 v. 4 ASAP. There are exceptions though. I’ve lost plenty of matches where I take the first two kills, and the enemy still wins (seemingly coming from behind). In my Keep Castellan Alive team, the goal in the beginning is just to stay alive until the Sentry Turrets start to take over.

Every team plays different. Experience is your best teacher. I’ve been playing this game for like 2 years.

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Final Product: You can probably see the synergies in the descriptive titles. The last team with Min though, the idea is Min’s Plat skill hopefully activates 5x, thereby activating Kobold’s plat 5x, allowing slow-starters with big finishers, such as Yanlong and Yeager, to be viable

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I know am late on this thread but I feel like this should be the place to come and learn how to come
Up with good pvp lineups that’s helps everyone that is wondering how to make good lineups

This is my lineup suggestion

Or switch between butter and the green chick for phalanx and castellan that works even better

I like the general balance, 2 front, 1 mid, 2 rear. And also 1 Energy, 2 Mech, 2 Bio. Seems to have plenty of healing/shielding. I wonder if the DPs is a little low though. No one besides Panzer is really doing good DPS. I am also wondering if there are any other synergies between these heroes you’d like to point out.

Yes I can point out a few but first let me say that am fairly inexperienced at the pvp

The first would be the fact that panzer is only in this lineup for the early dps she provides before she has to reload , that being said I pilot her to take down the shielder, then I pilot moss for the rest of the match because he has his plat that can go up to 5-7 stacks of reduced armor meaning that panzer and the others will put a dent on the other guys without necessarily being dps heros , now you might be wondering why I would incorporate bucket the main reason would be her levitate but also she provide regeneration boosting operators regen ability and paired with moss’ other ability that boosts regen he goes back to full health

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Whoever I feel like bucket still needs one or two buffs to become even more viable I consider her hp to be rather mediocre and her skills sometimes are unreliable, meaning you can easily lose if you are facing a team with a lot of early damage, sorry for the late reply

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It was nice to see your thought process.

You are right about Panzer, that’s what we all use her for, an early burst KO. That’s also why I like running Panzer + Phalanx because Phalanx gives a damage boost “while all other allies remain alive” (so the beginning of the match essentially).

I haven’t manually piloted Moss a lot, perhaps the armor reduction does make up for the lack of DPS.

You may have helped someone find a good team they can actually assemble from what they have. Very cool. I hope other people use this page.

When I experimented with Bucket and Butter (not together though), I found as “Tanks” who offer great support, they do die very fast and often need some help there. For instance, in the team I play Butter in, he gets a health boost from Wesson, and Oracle disorients up to 3 targets right off the bat. That and I manually Pilot Vanguard for the beginning to shield Butter ASAP. Bucket, yea, I can’t seem to keep her alive no matter what since she also taunts and doesn’t tank well enough. That levitate/shield/heal though is a doozy, when you actually get to do it.

Bucket is a hero that has potential to be top tier but only time will tell her levitate ability should have a better cool down and she needs a base hp boost not from other hero’s since operator is here to heal in case moss is endangered or any other hero in the team but in any case operator gives bucket a small boost in base hp

Give this team load out a try. Works really well, even on auto fight.
Another effective one is to swap astrix with beck with legendary skin.

I like the Astrix choice she is an underrated sweeper her boomerang works wonders in the late game. I like it thank you for the suggestion

Someone like bucket might work better with someone like Heimlock, Flatline, Mandrake, Baron, Halo, etc… (heroes who save ppl from dying) someone who keeps her alive long enough to use her levitate.

What about this lineup guys am still working on these heroes need to put them all at the same lvl