Platinum Skills

…OK so I need 40 Platinum chest pieces for my Odachi.
40. I’m gonna let that sink in.

I just got to g4 for odachi too, what a gut punch to see all the frags we need… haha

Yeah! I suspect I’m gonna spend my hard earned gold on stamina refills tonight. :smiley: Not that I NEED him at Platinum right now, but I get a bit overly excited when he’s so close to getting his promotion.
When he’s done I’m on to the next candidate, repeat. Some time I’m gonna learn to cope with the relatively slow upgrading process but I’m not there just yet.

haha I totally hear you, I have done that for a lot of heroes- spending gold on raids/co-ops/stamina refills. I still find myself getting stuck needing canisters/fuel cells/grenades. Odachi will be my 5th plat so I’m gonna just cool it for a while and save my gold for another 10 pull!

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As of now I don’t need a 10 pull so the saving is just boring. I’m not a saving type. But after Odachi I’ll keep calm, save my gold and hope for a good deal on the upcoming July hero.

i’m still chasing a few heroes, like moss (how do i not have him yet? lol) I have a hard time saving too, it takes a lot of self control… or money lol. Good luck on Odachi! hopefully it wont take long.

What’s your plan with Moss? Just have him, or maximize him? My 6* Golden Moss is looking for a purpose in life.

Moss is pretty damn good at Plat, and an amazing healer at any time. Personally, I would invest in him, especially since he’s effective in raids now, since we aren’t doing dojo anymore

I keep hearing things like what @Gilgamesh is saying, I hope to maximize him.

Moss is great. His heal is just crazy and the Platinum is a nice thing to have. His damage against mech is great, too. A 8* Dogface s down after 5 or 6 hits, which take below 15 seconds. Only problem with him is that he loves to run, which can be quite annoying.

Yeah I’ll agree I think we’ve all encountered that one PVP player that just wins because they starts to run around with low hp. It can be the most tilting thing ever