Panzer's shotgun still defines PvP meta

Except its still an issue of Panzer being too strong.

You can mix other “big” DPS like Odachi, Dogface, Prophet, etc. and put them on a team of scrubs and while you can win some games, its hardly an OP setup. I’ve seen plenty of people drag Plat 8*+ Dogface into a team of random 4-5* trash and they lose because you can still just focus Dogface, interupt his skills, etc. and win.

I have several teams that I run my Panzer with and I believe its actually impossible for me to lose unless I face another Panzer. This isn’t something that needs video recordings or big data, just use 1st Grade math to add up how much damage Panzer can unleash at the beginning of a round compared to ANY other DPS in this game. Nobody comes close - not even the super squishy DPS.

My Panzer does over 15k damage PER SHOT to energy heroes, throw in another 70k (without the bonus damage) from Breach and Clear. That’s over 370,000 damage against energy heroes that I can dump in the first 10 seconds. Panzer is the problem and people acting like it isn’t are just trying to keep their OP win machine going for as long as possible.


Because there is no need for video evidence in some cases. For Panzer, do we really need a 5 second clip of her using Breach and Clear, then unloading her 20 shotgun shells on an enemy to see she is OP? The stat screen at the end pretty much told us that with Panzer doing 30k DPS and everyone experiencing the same 1-2 dead heroes in the first 5 seconds of a match against her.

You came off dismissive of this like there was no real problem with Panzer or Nightingale’s skin, despite the community saying otherwise. I’m not saying videos wouldn’t help, but as Sogui points out you can usually tell a hero is going to be OP just by reading their skill descriptions. 4k mechanical dmg per shot the first 30 seconds of a match, 100k+ mechanical dmg from an ability that you start a match with, and a full 20 shotgun shells… it wasn’t hard to see how ridiculously OP Panzer was going to play.

Panzer is still OP for sure. I have seen lots of Min Max combo of Panzer in PVP. The thing to make Breach and Clear as the bronze skill is ridiculous. Let alone the shotgun…

Don’t worry, the new meta seems to be all healer teams. Even if you somehow manage to burst down a hero or two with Dog/Panzer, it doesn’t matter since Ifrit or Flatline will revive them. Night/Caine/Flatline/Ifrit/Mandrake(or Heimlock) is pretty much impossible to get a kill on, and even if you do you won’t be keeping them down for long.


Jup, Impossible to even get a kill

You could may just reduce Panzers damage to cover. Her damage after the update isfair. High, but fair. The problem is that you cant hide from it. If any other damage dealer fcuses you, ypu can just duck behind cover and take a short breath. If Panzer focuses you the cover is gone in half a second, making her miss almost no shot. If she would miss some and hitting only 3/4 or 2/3 of her shots, like the other damage dealers do, she still would be a thread with her Platinum damage bosst, but you can survive it.
RIght now if seen a tactic over and over again, that Panzer doesnt really hunt for your heroes but estroys all covers as fast as possible. You always stagger if she destroys one and after abut 30 seconds you have none left and all your heroes are easy pray.