November Update Notes

You’re right, I’m wrong. 3x. :slight_smile:
I had very tired eyes before.

So the stealth nerf to halo via proxy strikes again.

Ifrit’s bronze ability no longer triggers halo’s platinum ability. Even the last change clearly stated activated (i,e; bronze or silver) abilities will be the only ones that can trigger it.

Now you are cherry picking these activated abilities that CAN’T trigger it?

I am hoping it’s an introduced bug and not the stealth nerf it appears to be.


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Hum… You need Mauler for Showtime to trigger Halo’s platinum.

Did his skill ever trigger it? Isn’t it Maulers platinum that triggered it and was just helped by showtime?

Indeedo this is correct:
Mauler will damage disoriented enemies and Ifrit will make everyone disoriented. It’s the passive damage from Mauler that triggers Lightning Rod. Showtime doesn’t actually deal damage at all so there’s no way it could get Halo’s lightning show going.

Before the patch it most definately triggered it.

It’s half the reason you started seeing so many mauler/halo comps with ifrit.

The rest of the reason is so mauler comes back if he dies before his stun’s start triggering.


While I am not certain about this I think you are wrong.
Showtime didn’t trigger Lightning Rod, ever. Showtime + Discombobulate did, though, and still does as far as I can see.

If you read Lightning Rod’s description and Showtime’s description you can see that there is nothing in Showtime that could trigger Lightning Rod.

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That does not explain why the entire enemy team would be getting zapped once showtime was active.

Or why showtime would have any impact beyond its own effects for that matter.

Yes. The got sapped during Showtime because they were disoriented (that’s what Showtime does), and Discombobulate makes disoriented enemies take passive damage (that’s what Discombobulate does). Without Mauler, Showtime never dealt damage and without Mauler no one was zapped during Showtime.

I understand what you are saying but that is simply not what happened before. There is no way mauler (especially given I was usually controlling him and focusing one target) was tagging all 5 enemies before show time was cast causing all 5 to be struck.

Please read the skill descriptions.

Since Showtime tags all 5 enemies with Disorient Maulers platinum skill Discombobulate will deal passive damage to all 5 enemies. Discombobulate does that; deals damage to disoriented enemies. And it is this damage that triggers Lightning Rod.

For this combo to work you need the following three:
Platinum Mauler
Platinum Halo
(at least) Silver Ifrit.


Hmm. Actually I think I get what you are saying now. Just reading over maulers plat description again. I can see how it might look like ifrit’s showtime causing it.


Interesting that I played literally hundreds of matches with this combo and not actually picked up which ability caused it so fervishly. I guess as you said, it still plays a key part just not in the way I thought it did.


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As a general rule, any passives that boost basic attack damage will not trigger Halo’s Lightning Rod Platinium skill. However, all damage-dealing active skills or other passively triggered damage or damage over time passive skills can trigger Lightning Rod strikes.

Dogface’s Fire at Will cannot
Baron’s Covering Fire can

ULFPAM is correct in this case.

Ifrit’s Showtime cannot as the skill does not directly deal damage.
Mauler’s Discombobulate can as it is a triggered passive Damage over Time.

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I never understood the rationale why Dogface’s silver and bronze don’t proc Halo’s plat. They are not passive skills but active skills. Seems rather arbitrary tbh.

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Then does Kobold’s skills trigger Halo’s plat?

For the sake of balance exceptions have to be made to the rule.