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Kobold was a normal fighter until she was burnt with acid by the Morlocks. She now uses a mask to cover up her hideous acid burns. She fights with the patriots to protect and shield the other hero’s from suffering the same fate as herself.

The leader of a diminishing shoremen tribe who upon seeing the patriots in action had decided to splinter from the shoremen to join them. Kobold and their tribe quickly adapted to and had began thriving due to the patriots lifestyle and battle tactics.

He is a bio chem hero who is capable of breaking opponent’s shields. He is good for phalanx ; butter and razorback . His skills are as follows

Bronze his bronze skill will give all allied heroes X charge and X damage to damage enemies shield.

Silver his silver skill will give him X elemental damage for X seconds.

Gold his gold skill will cause periodically X damage to opponents shield .

Platinum his platinum skill will give him X health and a shield absorbing X damage whenever enemies shield is destroyed by any allied hero …

Kobold was a scientist before “THE ACCIDENT.” Walking home from his job, Kobold was ambushed in an alleyway. He attempts to fight them off, severely injuring one foe. The other, realizing he couldn’t fight Kobold alone, throws an unknown acid on him to retreat. After spending everyday testing himself to find out what the mysterious liquid was, Kobold accepted who he had become. Not recognizing who it was that attacked him, Kobold decided to join the Patriots and seek revenge on those who wronged him. Many people believe the two attackers were Ghoul and Phoenix, attacking Kobold because he rejected their offer on being their personal scientist…

Thanks for the chance!

Kobold was a part of patriots nd a shilder related to phalanx…One day while they were on a joint search operation with the morlocks,kurt kidnapped kobold. He brainwashed her nd sent her as a spy to join morlocks. But one day razorback got this information and ordered morlocks to kill her.She put up a good fight but she knew she can’t defeat all of them alone so she started running for her life and while running she fell into a tank filled with radioactive substance. Radioactive material affected her energy equipments,which in turn got converted into biochem nd thus she became a biochem shielder.After gaining new powers she was heavy on morlocks alone. She nearly killed phoenix so razorback ordered morlocks to pull back and destroy that place to bury her under ruble nd kill her. Her shield saved her from dying but she became unconscious and lost her memory. When phalanx and flatline got this news they rushed to rescue her and saw that most of her body had got defigured due to radioactive acid but she was alive. Phalanx gave kobold equipments and a mask to cover her face and body.When she woke up, flatline told her everything that had happened nd she decided to join back with patriots and seek revenge against kurtz.

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They fought side by side for two common causes. Anarchy and fire.

They had everything (please understand that in a world ravaged by war “everything” can be compressed to as little as a hand to hold and some amazing fire power).

Yes, she even got a face mask to match the one of her lover. It was a bit of a prank to begin with but became a the couples trademark so she decided to stick with it.

For years their primary cause was to establish anarchy, working from the underground aiming to demolish the top layers of what remained of the society. Inseparable, Kobold and Ghoul was to be feared.

However not everyone can take a downfall…

If it wasn’t for Phoenix joining the Morlocks they would probably have remained a feared duo, Kobold and Ghoul, but Phoenix strength and authority shock the balance of power within the Morlocks, changing the factions foundations. To see Ghoul take orders from another woman was hard for Kobold. And she didn’t like the way he looked at her. Initially she could handle it but she didn’t like it. Her feelings started to become acts, outbursts.

As the months went by and Phoenix became more and more of a leader figure something snapped. This was far beyond what a normal person would call ”jealousy”. This was the start of a psychosis that up until this day seen no end.

It happened after a week long march thorough the sewers with several hostile encounters and not much to eat. The Morlocks finally settled down, made a camp, lit a fire and established a scheme for taking rounds as night watch. Making sure everyone was asleep Kobold set her plans to work. It was not an assassination attempt, it was a double assassination attempt. Why Kobold failed to kill her lover and Phoenix isn’t clear - she wasn’t one that usually made mistakes, but fuelled by such strong emotions she must have screwed up, simple as that. What Ghoul and Phoenix awoke to was a burning chaotic inferno but since both are highly skilled pyromaniacs they also know how to handle a fire that gets out of control. When the flames settled Ghoul realised not only Kobold was gone - but so was the couples beloved and loyal dog - Sparks. Searching through the rubble and ashes with no sign of neither of them, Ghoul understood what had really happened; Kobold tried to exterminate a vital part of the Morlocks but fled the scene along with Sparks when she realised her plan was a failure.

How she eventually ended up in the Patriots is a long story I am going to keep short. Basically, the Patriots stand for everything opposed what the Morlocks stand for. The rivalry between the factions is deep rooted. On one side we have the fighters who aim to rebuild the society on old American traditions and on the other side we have sewer dwelling anarchists with a goal to create full anarchy. Kobold knew that the big clash between Patriots and Morlocks was going to happen, eventually, and that she would have a greater chance to get Ghoul and Phoenix killed with the support from a new faction rather than becoming a lone ranger.

Of course Kobold wasn’t welcomed with open arms into the Patriots but them being a faction that struggles to recruit new members agreed on giving her a chance. Not easy to tame, the Patriots eventually had to experiment on her with their undeveloped and not yet revealed mind-altering frequency ray to make her more loyal to the Patriots cause. So far it seems to work but Kobold still having roots in the Morlocks may appear ambivalent to an outsider.

The love story turned into a dark vendetta on life and death. While Ghoul is still loyal to the anarchist cause his main reason to keep fighting in rough times is with hopes of one day being reunited with his loyal, beloved dog which he commemorates with a photograph sticked to his jacket. Does he miss Kobold? Meh. He’s moved on. But that’s a story for another time.

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Нашего героя некто незнает и за маски.И за маски его или её все бояться.Что прячится за маской доблистный солдат или убийца.Глосит легенда что он был доблисный солдат сражался за свободу Америки от курца.И за войны погибла семья ближе концу войны щитали что он погиб.После войны его увиди что вступил в фракцию Патриот.

Kobold was once a bio chemical engineer working at a prestigious university researching cures for life ending diseases.
During the events of Zero Day, the university was destroyed. She was found buried in the rubble by Kurtz and taken hostage. Kurtz held her captive for years, forcing her to use her research to develop weapons for him instead of solve the worlds problems.

Eventually Kobold was able to escape and was found by Surge and Phalanx while on patrol. Feeling grateful she gave them everything she had on Kurtz and his forces, and promised to work with the Patriots to end the threat of Kurtz and his law givers.

Sarah was born in Spain. Her father was well known in the entertainment world as a stage actor; well respected and noble. She had a brother and as they grew up both had their own pursuits of fame and glory. Her brother a bullfighter and she a dancer. As her brother’s talent grew, he moved to Japan to study bullfighting and make the family proud as a stadium entertainer.

However, tragedy struck the noble family while her brother was away. Their father became ill and his proud name dwindled since he could no longer take the stage. Sarah herself was not skilled enough as a dancer to take his place in the spotlight. When her brother returned from Japan their mother had remarried. This new stepfather had mood swings that brought great dissension in the home. Eventually, it grew to a head where in a fit of rage he killed their mother. He claims it was an accident; but Sarah’s brother could not forgive him. His emotions overtook him and he murdered their step father.

Sarah blamed herself:

Terrified, appalled and ultimately ashamed, she fled to America. There, she saw the war waging between the factions. She found comfort in the Patriots as they felt pure, strong, and noble. She quickly found she was talented in chemical warfare and worked along side the scientist Surge. Though she enjoyed staying behind the scenes, Surge saw how graceful she was and encouraged her to join the battlefield. After merging his scientific knowledge with her chemical mastery, they created a suit for her to use in combat.

One day while in their lab, Sarah was looking at Surge’s work station as they put on the finishing touches of her suit.

“What’s this?” She asked pointing to a simple white mask in amongst the clutter.

“Oh that? Its just a decorative mask of German mythology. It represents a spirit that haunts others while staying hidden in caves or underground. It’s called Kobold."

“Can I try it on?” Sarah slowly brought the mask to her face. She felt a sense of relief that she hadn’t felt for years. A way to hide from the world.

“It suits you Sarah.”

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Kobold is Panzer’s younger sister, and had an intimate relationship with Ghoul.
She was once a Morlock, warriors of the underground and protecting their own society.
Realizing that their “society” doesn’t act the way a proper one is supposed to be, she consulted her sister, a warrior fighting against the ruler Kurtz.
Being aware of the circumstances, she disbanded with the Morlocks, but decided not to join her sister’s cause, suspecting that there is something bad going on behind the sheets of UAF.
She discovered the Patriots, a group of people striving to restore the pre-collapse social values of the past society, a just and peaceful idea.
Joining their cause, she joins the battle using the knowledge she learned from her past.
Whether or not she keeps a contact with Ghoul is unknown.

She lay in hellfire. Bound atop the table of the chemical witch herself, Kobold was paid to scavenge for canisters but fell into a trap set by Maven. Maven’s sole objective was to find a new concoction for chemical warfare, she aimed to make her victims suffer under a new nightmare elixir which would only make you think you were in hell. Maven paces back and forth in indecision, she normally worked from a much larger selection, but after being compromised she had been moved by her partner “W.Dr.” to temporarily perform her operations here… in an abandoned cabin which only held about a third of her previously made tonics and potions, and of course, the dilapidated building was falling apart. Even though limited in resources Maven would let nothing stop her from creating her masterpiece.

As I lay there bound to the table I could think nothing but suffering as I was tested on. I don’t remember anymore how long its been, maybe days, nonetheless a lifetime of pain. weary from the last blackout, I watched as the Apothecary paced, “I don’t need you dieing just yet!” she exclaimed. “but time is of the essence!” She quickly snatches up 2 vials from a cabinet, then a third which she announces is a gift from her partner and slowly mixes them over me. I wont beg her to stop anymore, I was only punished before, but I had to do something. Last night while locked up amongst several other empty cages I was able to run my hands along the broken floor to find a rusted nail, I knew I had a choice, I wanted to live. Every time she would turn her back to me I would cut into the leather binding with the nail hoping there was only a shred left. She finally stood over me with her newly mixed brew “its time to drink". With all I had, I tugged at the binding keeping my hand tight and with success was able to break a hand free. For a split second I was able to see the shock in her eyes as i grabbed a fistful of her hair. I knew I had to buy myself enough time to break free and the nail was too small to do enough damage. I pulled her hair as hard as I could! The witch’s head hit the table with such force I swear I almost broke the table. Just as a shred of thought of being free crossed my mind, I felt my face was wet but also on fire! Whatever it was that she was holding must have spilled out, I struggled with one hand to loosen and free myself from the remaining restraints. Just as I finish my last foot restraint, I hear rustling from the floor. I was too afraid to even look, I knew the only thing it could be. I stumbled from the table and fell to my knees, I managed to put whatever I had left to quickly make it to an exit. “You’ll never escape” laughs the witch, the sound of glass breaking hits the floor, instantly I recognize the familiar tortures toxins as they burn my throat. I make it out of the front door but it starts to feel like im back on that damned table. The pain, the memories, they all came back as I told myself to do nothing but keep moving. I could feel my body on fire and rapidly loosing energy. I fought through bushes on top of nightmares before finally making myself to a cliff. Or was I just hallucinating? I fell to my knees, as much as i wanted to go on, I couldn’t take the pain. There I knelt contemplating whether to fall off or try, I continued to stay on my knees before it all went black.

Phalanx found Kobold that day, knelt on a cliff with nothing but jagged stone at the bottom. She carried her back to her fellow Patriots where they cured Kobold as best they could with their advanced technology. They were unable to extract all of the witches toxins as they started to fuse with her, yet she was committed to join them. Left by several permanent scars from Maven, she trained for years with her new team to harness her curse, and look after her supportive partners in a vow to protect her comrades from harm.

Kinda copying and pasting my answer here :sweat_smile:, but here goes:

“Kobold and Phoenix were close sisters working in the paramedical field before the war. When the war unfolded, they both fled underground, taking on the Morlock identity and becoming extreme in their actions to survive. Eventually, Kobold became weary of the barbaric tendencies of the Morlock culture and Phoenix, choosing to leave the sewers. In doing so, she betrayed her sister and received the hatred of her anarchic brethren.”

“On the surface, Kobold ran across the Patriots and became fascinated with their advancements in technology, as well as their vision for a renewed America. In addition, she took to the company of Flatline and Surge. Her inward desire to protect/help others led her to take on a shielding role (that combined with
her previous expertise in the bio-chem field.) She now proudly serves alongside her compatriots to bring peace back to North America, and to subdue the subterranean people who terrorized her.”
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This ain’t a submission but Kobold’s mask is giving me these vibes.

Lol Kobold kind of reminds me of him. Except she wears a lot more armor and doesnt use a shotgun.

Is that the Korean boogieman?

Kobold is ghoul sister or partner she is a old soilder that got revive by flaltline or ifrit there were to do a mission to take down the morlocks or neutralize them then there plan was not expected they got ambush and ghoul was able to escape koblod.dident made it then the morlocks took ghoul as one of there own since kobold wasent around any more then the patriots flatline revive kolbold and she join the patriot to get her revange /she is also a shelider for her allies and her gun is a smg or a lmg

And shes also bio chem

She is the twin sister of Phallax, during an enemy bombardment she remained separated from her sister because she was trapped under the rubble. She was found and saved from a group of raiders and scavengers and grew up in toxic waste, becoming the human shield of this group. Being always exploited and treated as an outcasta, and then she grow up as isolated and sociopathic, this created her shield power using the chemical wastes that surrounded her.
Another bombardment hit the notorious group of marauders and only thanks to its ability to create protective shields she remained the only survivor.
Now alone again she became a mercenary and fate will reunite his lost sister … but they will be enemies or allies?

There aint’ no Cinderella story here.

She’s no princess or high born.

There is no beauty, or lost beauty, that defines Kobold’s story. She’s not a smart genius or a misunderstood scientist finding her way in this broken world and waiting for it to make sense.

Kobold is a fighter and there aint nothin pretty about her. She’s tough as nails, agile and fast. She packs a wallop of biochem damage and corrosive shielding to her allies.

She’s daring as they get, not afraid for a fistfight in the dark, and has guts to tear lions apart.

If you cross her in battle, she’ll make you pay.

She suffers no fools and never gives up.

Like the mythical goblin-like creature she named herself after, she is persistent, greedy of gain, and malevolent on the battlefield.

All who cross Kobold, beware.