Nerf stygia

Unless hhg is willing to reimburse us the gold we spent to power stygia up, then they should leave stygia alone.

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She goes down if you work at it

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Best way to counter her is to save her for last. Kill every other character of the opposing team first. She can’t stun everyone on your team at the same time so if you have some stunners, shielders, DPS of your own, you should be able to melt her down overtime when she’s the last one standing.

That works for me at least.

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Post like this about every new hero is annoying….fml

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Encouraging sandbagging as a new thing👍

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Another reason for nerf of Stygia – she is unbeatable on weak accounts in Gauntlet. Literally. If you have only gold level heroes and meet this broken platinum trash – you don’t have possibility beat her. If someone forgot – newcomers accounts don’t have rare 5* & 7* heroes, ruby characters, etc.

Beat Stygia with your own Stygia it’s not difficult, lol.

Welcome to real world of modern free mobile games. If you don’t like this – just play in classic offline games. Nerfs and buffs this is meta for mobile game business during many years. Even Hero Hunters does this numerous times – Savage, Mandrake, Ifrite, Keel, Halo’s plat skill, Panzer, Kurtz, 4-Cep, Serial, etc. And after all this nerfs game don’t stop and become more playable and funny. This call of game balance, lol.

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I always find the ones who cry the most are the ones who don’t have the hero.

Literally every hero has a counter, instead of crying into your milk and cookies use that energy to find a counter instead of taking the easy way out.

You are literally everything that’s wrong with this game and life in general. Always wanting something for nothing.