Money Grab/ New Bounty

Please take into account that the targets have less total health than during norrnal bounty hunts.

No they are ot killes in less rounds, but in a shorter time, since the time and Hp were both reduced. If you needed three 90 second runs before, now you need three 44 second runs.

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I don’t think it’s actually 1/2 everything, although I don’t have a side by side comparison either. I don’t recall exactly how long the bounty sat in each section but even that seems shorter. All the longer DOTS I throw seem to get partially wasted even if thrown as soon as we arrive.

There’s an abundance of feedback, we shall see what’s implemented next.

It cannot be exactly 1/2. There are too many factors that have to be proportionally reduced to make it exactly 1/2. There are factors that remain the same such as minion cleanup, stumble recovery, transitions etc that skew the damage yield in favor of the old design. That is why my humble suggestion was just to implement the 3x Gauntlet speedup to keep all the factors in proportion. I’m sure I’m not the only one advocating this.

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Minions have less health. Bring Oro and he’ll take care of them in the first wave.

3x speed on bounty isn’t possible since it’s online and competitive between alliances. If they speed it up everyone has got to be forced to 3x otherwise if one member of your alliance does 1x he’ll drag your scores down drastically. I sense a new outrage if this is implemented.

See now you have to think about workarounds like bring Oro etc. Besides minion health is not the issue because we one shot them anyway, it’s the fact that they are there that causes the delay.

Bounties are not like PVP they are only online to synch the tally not to synch the playing field between two users.

At least you implicitly acknowledge the point I’m making here.

I always bring (while they’re still not out of energy) a hero that inflicts damage on all targets when playing Bounty Hunt. They work wonders! And no, I can’t acknowledge your point to justify an optional 3x for Bounty, I’m afraid. It’s either same as before or shorter runs with weaker opponents. It would get totally out of control otherwise. Now they wanted to meet “our” demands of a less time consuming event (I aay “our” because it was the community’s demand but I never asked for it personally) and came up with this solution. I was a bit confused at first but it took me 3 hours to adapt. I just wish they said something about the change in advance so that I didn’t have to spend 2 hours thinking it was a bug and waiting for a fix. But 2 hours ain’t that much TBH.

From what I understand 3x would work because you still need stamina to run the bounty thereby the person doing 1x wouldn’t be that effected. The player might actually gain something because when you control a hero you can time their skills better.

On the half hp/time I don’t think the damage scale 1 to 1 but now that the added 60% skill charge we are pretty close so I’m okay with it.

What’s bothering me with this whole thing is how the change wasn’t communicated at all. I and many others were pumped for this bounty as magistrates are one of the highest damage dealing faction there is. To then be surprised with this was no fun. I’m not good with written words but I think Papa_Marsh capture what I and many others feelt.


Without even bringing in the 3x speedup suggestion here, after all if you think about it we’re just giving you folks suggestions for damage control after the damage has been done, I’m just venting out my and many peoples frustration about the drastic and not well thought out change to the gaming experience. And don’t overblow it by saying that it’s an outrage, we’re more civil than you think. In fact we’ve adapted to all the changes in the game whether we’ve liked them or not, and I am adapting now as I speak.

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less than 5 minutes i took down a bounty. not that hard

Yeah, Papa made lots of good and valid points without being negative non-constructive force.

About the 3x speed thing I’m still not convinced. I just think it could mess with the escape times and such.
Would their escape timer also run at 3x when a 3x player shoots at them?
Imagine this and correct me if I’m wrong:
The server says “Hideo will escape in 1m0s”. You look at him, gosh he has a lot of health left but you figure out you can kill him probably in the third segment of the mission, ergo about after about 1m5s. How are you supposed to kill him at 1x? Impossibru! But at 3x you’ll make it as the server time don’t match your playing-time.

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I’m not saying I want a 3x button because I was fine with the old bounty as it was. If and I say if they wanted to make bounties less time consuming they should just have made the bounty shorter as in 2 days instead of 3 days and change the rewards accordingly.

And the whole server thing would just work like it works now with pvp or old bounties. If you start it before the timer is out you can finish it.

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I agree with Nao, if they were truly looking out for us and want us to have some spare time then cut out Sunday. Bounty is competitive in nature and shortening the length of a single run does not mean we will have more personal time, but instead we will have more runs to keep up.

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The server would always count a second and a minute as a true (1x) second and minute respectively, even if you play 3x. I am afraid my example in the previous post came out I confused but my point is: I can only see that this would be very strange. And easily taken advantage of.

And i agree that Bounty was completely fine. :slight_smile: I never asked for a change, but here we are and I won’t lie when I say that I definitely spent less time in the app, got about as much score as I normally would’ve gotten and that my alliance is heading towards a new record in the rankings.

Scoring is a lot less, hero’s like Oracle are pathetic, you can say that it’s not true but my 10* plat hits between 500/800k and this occurs with more hero’s.

Right now I think a good fix should be to remove the moving between the wave, remove the 15 seconds of wasted time in a 45 seconds mission, this will greatly improve 70% of the heros that have a casting skill that lasts over time

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It doesn’t have the same excitement that’s why people are upset yes the rant and rave from people might go to far . But it’s not the same

I like spending time in the app that’s why I play . I’m not looking to spend less time.

Spending less time in game mode X let’s you spend lore time in game mode Y if you want.

Ok I take control of maven to stop her wasting her AOE grenade now Cast throws his and waste that one. I know lets not use him use Salvatore or wait his attack also misses as Bounty moves, hmm Heimlock yep lets use heimlock. Ok his dps is sucky bit atleast heals work oh wait bounties that short heros dont take alot of crit hits well if you taking on heros that you can kill with the 3 charges but atleast they land.

Or maybe I should take on higher target’s and use revives to kill them will need to spend gold once free ones are used…

This hap hazard poorly thought through change has made a large number of heros pointless

Salvatores skill has a faster Charge than Mavens, so you can control both. Since you do not need heal use Ghoul, Mauler, Artemis, Odachi or Cinder. Moss has a good DPS too.

Sorry, I do not get the second art of your post, but it is an ally event, so if you do not get down a bounty, others can help.