Let's talk about the bounty changes - Some level-headed feedback

I feel like the magistrates bounty has been the most highly anticipated bounty in the recent months. Literally everyone in the commmunity had been prepared for the most epic bounty not all time… only to find out that MAJOR changes had been made to bounty without any sort of warning. If this had been implemented during the UAF bounty with ample warning, it may have been slightly well received, but I’m confident there still would have been an uproar. The fact that this bomb was dropped on the MAGISTRATES bounty with no warning is the reason 99% of the community is legitamately angry. The issues with the change speak for themselves, 40 seconds is much too short when you take into account the target is not in place for th ya first couple seconds, additionally it takes 7 seconds or so to switch stages, lastly th bounty starts to escape with 3 seconds left. Leaving close to just 30 seconds to get hits on the target. If your damage dealer ends up catching a stun it takes a ya a substantial % or time to record damage.

In addition, damage dealt and time of bounty are not linearly correlated. For example if a team is capable of dealing 30 million damage in a 90 second run; that doesn’t mean they will record 15 million damage in a 45 second run. Therefore a 50% reduction in time should not translate to a 50% reduction in HP. I think most players would agree that bounties are significantly harder to take down despite the lowered HP since the updated time adjustment is a major handicap. Also, if you are have any trouble whatsoever with the fodder enemies in stage 1, you’ll end up with like 7!seconds in the final stage. It just seems like this format is not conduscive to the players.

Lastly, I feel I speak for most of the community when I say the real allure of bounty isn’t the rewards… ITS DEALING DAMAGE! The most satisfying part of bounty has been flocking high scores and taking down bounties in the process. These changes effectively render that means of satisfaction totally gone. This is the reason I have not seen one person that is partial to these changes. I hope this post brings insight for future considerations. Bounty was just fine the way it was, if people aren’t comfortable spending the time to attack targets, than they are better off finding an Alliance that is less competitive.


I would like to say yeah they just made this game a lot worse it was fun you know playing a little bit of time you know killing things but now it’s just like you soon as you start it’s over with they have made it worse this upgrade was not upgrade I considered a downgrade everybody is complaining everybody is losing Heroes please make a change in my agreement I’ve Loved this game from they wanted to come out but it’s getting really really bad

I think the only thing they needed to do was shorten the event to make it end Sunday evening/night. Then also scale the rewards based on shortened event time. I don’t think anyone complained about 90 seconds. I have noticed everyone in my alliance just sitting around now because there’s a lot less bounties to go around.

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Best bounty changes feedback. Thank you sir for your level headed feedback.

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Well most of what I want to say has been said and covered in the papa_marsh’s original post.

@Papa_Marsh I thank and applaud you on your very quick and concise post.

For me personally this has been an absolutely terrible terrible terrible (sorry stuck in a loop because I can’t stop thinking about how) terrible this change is.

Not a single forum post I have read (including comments) said “hey, bounty runs are too long and we should shorten them”. What people were asking for was a change to the overall amount of time required to be competitive in a bounty event. @HHG I really don’t think you could have misinterpreted that request any more than you have with this change.

About the only thing you have achieved with shorter runs is the amount of revives people will have to buy (with an obscene amount of gold) to reach the final milestone. Oh yeah that’s right. There is now an extra “0” on that points requirement. So not only will you increase the over all time commitment for the 3 days, you also increase the $ investment from groups/alliances required to get anywhere near that number.

You guys (devs) have truely out done yourselves. I don’t say this lightly (certainly not positively), and generally feel you guys at least try to do the right thing for the player base (community) as a whole regarding changes. But this un-communicated and potentially game breaking (game breaking in the sense of enjoyment) change is making me feel like you don’t actually care.

That is a very sad thought. But waking up today … to this … shenanigans … it’s like a really late April fools joke.



This has to be the worst decision by hh since I started this game, I will not spend another dollar on this game. Than they have the nerve to say that the players wanted it this way, wow really, how many people wanted this? Just please put the bounty event back the way it was, if it isn’t broke than don’t fix it. Thank you

Phil, I couldn’t agree more. Many of us have not only spent a substantial amount of real monies, we have grinded countless hours building hero’s specifically for this event and this is what we are given.

Since the update, we see how this is converting into a monetary push for additional revenue - more gold for stamina, in-game cash, and crates for hero’s in which purchasing all tiers still yielded a 1 in 1000 chance of obtaining. It appears greed has taken precedence over value of the players. Is both disheartening and causing great anger within the community of great people and players.

Listen to your loyal players HH. Death of a business entity begins with dissatisfied and untrusting investors such as every paying player in the game seemingly is becoming.

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The time change made this event a hard pass for me.

Yeah, this bounty seem weird for me, even if the dev already reduced the trash mobs power so it will be easier to kill them now… .

In my opinion, rather than this kind of change, why don’t you guys change the bounty to single stage like gauntlet and change the time range also, maybe around 40 sec, therefor there’s still time for us to load 2nd time skill damage… you know, some heroes have a longer time to recharge their skill…

But, if you guys read the non-payer, I mean, global chat, looks everyone is cool and still happy…

excellent post and agree with everything, make it happeb

Great job on the Magistrates Bounty!
For me to POOP ON!!!

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Excellent post, @Papa_Marsh.

Can’t wait for devs who made this new bounty idea to feel attacked.


Just crackers they have now added 60% skill charge at start of bounties Great well done Hivemind now gets 2 drones out and Mavin get to throw her grenade just in time for the Bounty to move to next stage or run away.

Do HH play this game at all?


The Devs have really screwed this game over. I have been playing this game for about 8 months and I have spent more time with this game than any other mobile game. Today I left my alliance and deleted the app from my phone. This was the last straw.

If you are a Dev and you are reading my post please do me a favor take a good look in the mirror. You know you are screwing the game up. You have to know it. We are all giving you great feedback and you constantly run away from it.

I have enjoyed my time, but the devs have sucked every last bit of fun out of the game. I’m done. I’m out. I hope you guys all have a great time and I hope they make it better for you. I am going to find a new game to spend my time and money on.



Adding one more issue. Most heroes have long animation cast time. 20secs per stage means means 10% of the time is used to cast skills. For example maven, once u get the skill charge u need 13 secs to hit target for full damage of the skill which is impossible right now.

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This was about $$… Nothing more. Oh and laziness. If their intent was to shorten time spent, they could of added an auto 3x speed feature… Solved. This was about having to spend gold on revives. Shorter time means Bonus heroes are the only ones that do real damage. Means need revives… Means gold… Means $$. They could of given us extra revives… But they didnt.

My point is unless your explanation comes with a reason as why to they will lose money… Its falling on deaf ears… They don’t care about game play. One test run on this bounty would of told them this was a horrible idea…but they didn’t care then, they don’t care now.


Devs, take note on that last paragraph. This reasoning is spot on! And I would also like to add that I had no issue with the time taken per round. I thought it was well balanced. If it was anything, the Bounty event could’ve been reduced to 2 days instead of 3 days so that players don’t experience fatigue at the end of it.

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I honestly think the complaints about bounty weren’t about the time it takes for each bounty but more so the amount of time it took for minimal rewards. Grind in bounty all weekend and the milestone rewards just didn’t seem to match the effort. They do now but the time per bounty doesn’t.

If you’re reloading and your cover gets destroyed and bounces you, there’s a good 5-10 seconds gone depending on hero. So time between stages, time the bounty leaves early, time they spend moving around and if you get bounced, you end up with about 20 seconds to attack. I can’t understand how anyone at Hothead could think this was a good idea. Who came up with this and who approved it? Whoever they are, they should be banned from making anymore suggestions as they clearly have no idea what they are doing.

Reload times for each hero need to be drastically increased if you’re going to cut down the time we actually have in bounty. Can’t have hero’s taking 25% of bounty time just to reload. That’s just insane and absolutely absurd. Next time think out all angles before implementing some random change that no one asked for nor wants

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Remove the stage change, it takes way to much time

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