June Update Notes

I’m a huge fan of this update!

I am very satisfied by this nerf update!

No more baron halo combos in pvp, now everything seemed turned to normal days when upgrading to platinum heroes was not available. which I love it.

My Maven can finally do some really good damage against annoying mechs in high powered pvps without seeing any baron and halo combos.

And my phoenix can do some high biochem damage which I highly expected her as a 5 star hero.

Great job, devs! :grinning: Keep up the good work.


Thanks for making Hardscope, hivemind and halloway great again



  1. Who is technician??

  2. Do the patrol crates reset after you open them or do they stay at that tier?

  1. My uncle is a technician.
  2. This we don’t know but it falls obvious to me that the crate tier reset after the crate is opened. Otherwise you would just simply get Platinum crates with no effort forever.

@Tranquilmoon606, we a thread HERE. We are working on a solution and we will expect to deploy a patch soon which will fix this particular issue for the vast majority of situations.

@Kraterios, I’m excited by this as well. Castellan, Hivemind and Hardscope were some of my mainliners.

@KayoK, at the end of a Patrol period the crate will reset after you open it. For the next Patrol period you will level it up again.

You guys have all right to nerf the heroes you want to. But you must respect the money and time invested by the players and reward them. I spent 2 weeks on Halo/Baron. I wasted almost 4,000 fragments on them (what represents 40,000 stamina or 14,000 golden bars).

I asked for some reward and I recieved a “standard reply” of we are sorry!

As you have no respect for the players, I just quicked the game.

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Mmmm… They have no obligation at all to compensate you in any way. You should read Term of Service whenever you play a game before making wild claims like that they own you anything.

And you didn’t “waste” anything. You still have a plat Halo (who is still great) and a plat Baron (who honestly, I don’t know if its any good, since mine is just silver). Those two heroes will still help you with bounties, faction events, certain maps, etc. They could have great synergy with future heroes or they may get buffed again, so, even if they are not good anymore, they could be beast next month.

Raging because your golden goose disappeared in a game where buffs and nerfs happen monthly is pointless. Even more when it was obvious. I don’t know a single player who thought it was balanced.


Using disbalanced, overpowered, bugged heroes needs compensation? The compensation is that you didn’t get ban for using them lol. Or even better compensation is how many crystals you got using them so long (even I was killed too many times against them).
More than a month everyone was using them. I didn’t make platinum baron only because he was obviously bugged.


I want compensation for the lost games against Halo and Baron :wink:


That should be the real compensation lol

People who used Baron and Halo at least got tons of PvP gems

Well enough is enough… Cmon guys, Balancing is in every game. When u use resource to upgrade your heroes, it is considered as an investment… U invest because now it is a good investment, but when they start to nerf stuff, u dont lose entirely coz there will be more heroes coming that will change the meta. Besides, u can still use them in events its not like u lose 100%. If u really are afraid of losing resources, dont upgrade anything then.

Ok, bro. That’s why I quicked the game. I don’t like wasting my time on something that the devs can destroy every month. If you like it, good for you.

Im not sure what online game does not have a nerf and buff.
Quick whining and adapt to the change.
If u dont like it, just quick the game.

@GTSaiko are u available? :+1:


Hey, anyone tried the buffed Phoenix out yet, and how good is she compared to her former self?

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So at best you can get two of 5 bars a week, if the RNG is in your favor. So again at best 2 and a half weeks, most likely it will be 3 to 4 weeks for something that you used to be able to do in 1 week.

When could you do it faster?

Sure it takes time, but its Platinum, its the last skill you can activate in this game. You want to max out everything in two month?
Just change the emlemnt type you want to max out, then you have time to collect the bottles beforehand. If you want to bring 3 energy heroes in a row to Platinum you sure are short of items.

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Regarding Halo’s nerf, if it is not listed here, this means it can still be triggered right?

For example, Maven’s neurotoxin? Sapphyr’s mortal rift? Artemis’ chimera rounds?

And it’s a noobish question (I dont have plat halo yet) but summons like turret of castellan and hivemind’s drone are still considered as damage that can trigger halo’s plat?