June 2019 Events Schedule!

I’ll echo the happiness at having the old (best) calendar back!


My 10* 4 bars Pris ready to fight too. I think guys with maxed Kunoichi also glad to see this faction.

KLG Black Ops, always the bridesmaid never the bride.

They’ll get their featured month eventually. xd

Cool, it’ll be the Assassins and the Treehuggers, awesome! My odachi and his apprentice are ready!

Are you new to hero skin?

Can you please make a sort by faction option so tired of trying to figure out which hero is in which one

For the calendar? I’m confused. If you’re asking about a general feature for the game, then that’s off topic. If you’re asking for a sort function for the calendar, we don’t have the ability to make it interactive.

developers pls add solo raid events in the calender so we will prepare for the mastery portrait and those huge amount of fragments rewards.

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Vamos colocar mais eventos com frags!!! Essa ultima atualização foi uma tristeza uma pobreza de eventos com frags!!! As ultimas atualizaçoes estão piorando!!! Aumenta valores e diminui frags!!! Vamos lá gente comecem a dar incentivos para nós jogadores!!!

Beck and Phoenix in PVP store replacing Moss and Bolt.

Mandrake in Gauntlet store replacing Halloway

For me it’s Phoenix and Castellan in the PVP store.

Also, I think Mauler was nerfed. He now shoots in bursts of 3 instead of consecutively.

Mauler was always shoot with bursts of 3…Nothing changed

He never shoot on full auto

Why don’t put Galante frags on some hard levels?
We need it

Creators an idea that I have more than 100 days ago is that they put a new clear faction with its corresponding district so that the story is not affected would be very good to have like 5 new heroes to be able to combine more teams because the truth is that a new hero comes out and they take it with him and they do not release it haha ​​the truth it would be good if they did that

Bounty is THREE days, correct? Friday June 14th 3pm for me through Monday June 17th 3pm.

I see it’s 2 days now

The faction pvp ran for 3 days, so I guess the bounty is 2 days.

I guess we will find out for sure here in just a little bit. But my only issue is the milestones. If you’re going to take a third of the event away you should reduce the mile stone totals by a third. It’s already tough enough to make it to milestone one For three days. Two will be impossible for those that just make it.


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