July 2020 Update Notes - The Co-Op PvP Update

SS shows both players can use the same hero. I see 4 man groups of two ruby Serial and 2 ruby Lancer dominating the legendary bracket.

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I hope they don’t allow duplicate heroes for 2v2 pvp

@Hellangelz It will function exactly like co-cops, your ally will be able to have a hero you’re using. For example, you can’t use 2 Hideos, but you can use Hideo and your ally can also use Hideo. Think of it like co-op vs co-op.

@Jayclintoflag You can beat them with a whole lot of DPS

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So heroes can be duplicated??:thinking::thinking:
How can I win against a team with TWO butter or TWO mandrake​:sob::sob::sob:

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Thanks man

That reminds me of Better with butter on Razor’s events :joy::joy:

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That’s a very similar situation, yes. Heroes that also Silence and Stun will also help you beat Butter+Drake combos. If you think of any other useful team compositions, there’s a separate thread dedicated to that discussion! :+1:

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Oh my god devs, this is probably one of the best updates yet, so much new stuff and we see changes we all suggested together, i’d say thanks so much for listening to us, we hope we made it a bit easier and that our suggestion were right, super amazing update


I’ll point out again that:

  1. Balance changes are made based on data, not successive feedback

  2. Updates are planned months in advance, and aren’t necessarily represented of player-submitted feedback or suggestions.

All of this content (save the balance changes, which happen month to month) was planned a long time ago.


I hope to get paired with Kurtz rollers and serial users. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Will we be able to duel/challenge 2v2?


Is there still going to be regular Solo pvp and Solo tournaments alongside or forced to play co-op?

And wow that Artemis skin looks like it was pulled straight out of Fortnite. Hope it fits in with the post apocalyptic landscape of Hero Hunters?

ha if i hadn’t seen but not for the war it’s a shame

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Nice work devs 2v2 is looks like awesome but i have a question is that possible to take same heros in team or you cannot take the hero your partner take i hope no double is best becouse just think that 2 mandrake and 2 kurtz on same team :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Also i have question is, we have right to choos our partner or partner will maches with us like enemy .

The update is looking good, so far. But would we still have the regular pvp tourneys?
P.S. The Artemis looks nice. Though i think that would have fit Keel better (she being a Shoremen, after all)

We never said co-op is replacing anything. It’s a separate game mode. PVP isn’t going anywhere.


That’s good to hear. Would we also have co-op pvp tourneys?

I love this new update, the new hero , Artemis’s skin and 2v2 PvP !! everything is awesome, can’t wait to try them all :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Wow! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I need a pvp partner lol

2v2 PVP is finally here! But I wonder if we will get 5v5 pvp soon.

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