July 2020 Events Calendar

Patiently waiting on CC3 and hero spotlight :grinning::grinning::grinning:maybe they will suprise us with an early spotlight…


Y thing uaf and torque faction again

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Ho is bucket rare skin ? ?

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The faction “UAF” was not mentioned at all in the calendar or the tournament info. :wink:

How can we get Bucket’s new skin, Goddess?


Devs… Nation wants to know… How can we get goddess’ skin of bucket…:slightly_smiling_face:


So does August get 3 bounty as well? Or only two? Sometimes leap year guys. Lol

2 bounty per update. As usually. July Calendar include one week from June update.


I believe that by now we were supposed to know something about next hero and bonus factions! :thinking: Why so much secrecy about it?

We post when we’re ready to post. We have an internal schedule we adhere to. Sit tight!


Thanks Muninn! Kind Regards


Pray the next faction is klg black ops

Wait… the simulator only gives 45 jackal fragments? What exactly was the idea behind this, it’s not enough to unlock or level him.


It’s still a gilded hero, it’s already enough they put some of his frags.
Putting it directly complete as a reward would have been unfair to those who spent to get it.
In the sense “what was the point of spending to get it if I was going to get it for free in the simulator?


Desculpe…mas vocês sempre postaram com antecedência a nova atualização…porque a demora?

English version…
“Sorry … but you always posted the new update in advance … why the delay?”
Just translating for us… :wink:

Ya, but on the other hand, giving us only 45 frags from the simulator is kind of pointless. A lot of people will get the 45 frags and then sit and wait until he is released in the Gilded Crate until they have a chance to actually get him (unless another event comes out with frags). Pulling him from the Gilded Crate gets you 100 frags and unlocks him anyways, soo…

Sure the 45 frags are nice to get him a (very) little closer to 10*, but it’s also not enough to actually unlock him or do anything else with. So for most, they would have just as easily unlocked him by spending Gilded Tokens.

The fact you can’t unlock heroes at 1 star boggles my mind. :neutral_face:

I question your logic here devs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wut?..kuno dog hardscope cast and…uhh who else? All are 1 star starting heros

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