Is anyone having trouble getting the box of patrols like me too? 

I thought my alliance was the only one experiencing this…
How are we supposed to hit our target…

Oh geez. I thought i have poor internet connection.

Most Devs are on vacation already. But they said that we can make use of the customer support.


We know of the patrol crate issue! Can’t give you an estimate of when it will be fixed, as most of us are currently on holiday, but we’re aware and will try to get it fixed as quickly as possible. Thanks for everyone’s tickets to the support desk!


We will survive @Skathi! Godspeed! :fist::face_with_head_bandage:

Thanks for responding and providing an update sir @Skathi . We understand that almost everyone there is on vacation but we truly appreciate you taking the time to inform us that you are aware of the issue. Happy holidays!

Thanks bro …!!!

I have been having the same problem for many hours

So 9 days without the crate being available? Wow

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Exactly, it’ll be time for another crate by time this is fixed. We will be owed! Or I’ll consider this unfair!!

Yes your job has that but theirs doesn’t deal with it and don’t be a toxic shit to the devs for having a well deserved holiday.

Cut em some slack people!! The Devs are usually way too heavily overworked, with almost little to no holidays. We can do without the crates for some time, let them rest!!

Take a chill pill dammit i don’t care if you work on Christmas or not it gives you no excuse to be an ass im afraid.

Yes bro I don’t open this create only waiting…

You can’t show me where I was being an ass. Because I wasn’t, I’m afraid :unamused:.

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If i heard correctly you said “FUCK OF JACKASS NO NEED FOR THE NAME CALLING YOU C***.” which only further proves my point that have a short temper and are quite toxic in fact your irradiation is spreading so im gonna evacuate the area.

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The situation is more dire than we thought! This plague is spreading! The Ring of Yellow continues it’s pathway of despair! Run for your life!

Loses it

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Here’s hoping for a nice gift for the inconvenience “fingers crossed” Happy Holidays Devs! Thank you for the great game!

Hey everyone, quick update: a fix for patrols is going out today. Thanks for your patience!


Why do you have two forum accounts bro?