Ifrit Nerf

Me playing at 25k? What? Please explain, so you always fight at 40k~? With different teams?

Since you don’t respond.

you never fight anything other then that team, or above 40k, Not that I keep a record of all your PvP fights, I just checked your team, you can’t fight above 40k, i still don’t understand the 25k comment though, feel free to collaborate.

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I feel like only a few of the people here looks at Ifrit in the greater scheme of things.

Again, the devs are pushing for role warfare and Ifrit’s current multiplicity of kits is a paradox to their “commitment” to rebalancing the game.

Just think of Ifrit relative to other toons:

  1. Dogface - role DPS - short clip, slow reload, slow cast, highly vulnerable to bio damage. Recently nerfed but can still deliver = role.
  2. Flatline - poor dps, high support capacity with auto heal at the expense of her own health. Can be baited to kill her faster. Revives BUT with long cooldown, stuns but needs to be static as well = role.
  3. Cinder - moderate-consistent DPS with cover breaking synergy + capacity to improve performance if left alone. = role

How about some underpowered examples?

  1. Phoenix - “5 star” with cool looking character but is vulnerable for 6 freaking seconds before she revives HERSELF.
  2. Gammond - don’t even make me describe his gold and how the devs castrated his killshot making his gold more useless. And he can be a squishy tank. Should be min-maxed. Hell, ignore for the current meta.
  3. Savage - awesome synergy with Halo but almost useless without her and virtually unusable below 8 stars. More or less current role is a sponge.

See what I mean? Even after retouching Ifrit, he is still too much vs his peers. Again, the term is imaginative rebalancing. There’s really so much going in for a character you can pay your way to. It’s not even locked in an event etc. He rendered more than 90% of the toons useless. That’s not ok.

Overall, I will stop reply in this thread. I made my point. Im just disappointed on how cash-grabby this game is going for. Devs really should rethink their releases and avoid this kind of rendering all their early creation and foundation useless.


Though this thread is about Ifrit, but to add on to your comment, there is Panzer too. For a midline her HP is on par with the tanks and Dps that hits a ton coupled with the fast burst is just … her only downside is reload but all the 3 factors mentioned is what makes her outstanding.

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I agree. Sogui keeps focusing on how bad Ifrit’s gold skill and heal are. The heal isn’t terrible, but the gold skill is pretty sub par. This is how it is wilth all characters though. Gammond’s gold is utter trash, Mandrakes platinum is garbage, even Panzer has her gold which is pretty much useless.

Just because they have one or even 2 bad skills doesn’t mean they aren’t OP. Having an incredibly power skill or two, combined with weapon type and stats can still leave a character significantly over powered.

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Idk if this has been said, as I am way too far behind on this thread to read everything, but I think a fair nerf would be to double the time it takes Ifrit to revive heroes (from 15 sec —> 30 sec).

It seems like they come straight back to life as soon as they get killed with how it is now. Doubling his platinum skill’s time, I feel, would not make him useless, and still keep him a threat.

EDIT: Maybe even 25 seconds.


Seeing how they already sold crates, this is probably the most middleground solution (Increase the revive time). I would also suggest a tweak on his base stats (HP, damage, clip size etc). He really needs to compensate for his heal+buff+debuff+anti-mandrake+revive kit.

Ridiculous. He’s better than his boss Razorback. They should call their base/event Ifritdome instead of razordome.

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Pretty much this is how every match goes down for me against the Ifrit meta (Ifrit/Flatline/Panzer and 2 random support/healers):

The opponents Panzer immediately eliminates one hero from my team. If it’s an energy hero like Gammond, Fortress, or Nightingale they disintegrate almost immediately. My Panzer might kill one of their heroes, but it’s kind of pointless since Ifrit brings them back in 15 seconds.

Now I am in a 4v5 match. Usually Ifrit is my primary target, but with him being bio it makes it extremely difficult to burst him down with Panzer or Dog since they do reduced damage vs him. Matters aren’t helped if he has Mandrake to invis, Caine to shield, and/or Heimlock to reduce damage and increase his health, on top of Nightingale or Flatline to heal. Even if I do somehow manage to bypass all the shielding, healing, and dmg reduction, I also have only a few seconds to kill Flatline before Ifrit is just brought right back to life. None of this really matters though because usually I can’t get him down before Showtime goes off and I miss most of my shots anyways.

Now by this point I have lost 2-3 heroes. My opponent may have lost 1-3, but it’s irrelevant since they were all revived. They will just finish whittling away at my remaining heroes and it’s game over. The ONLY way to counter this is with a mirrior team. Otherwise you have to kill 2 heroes, one of which has decent defense, both with tons of support, within a few seconds of each other.

Ifrit in a bubble on his own wouldn’t be that bad. It’s when you have 2 heroes able to ping pong back and forth reviving each other, tons of healing, damage reduction, shields, and/or invis when things get ridiculous. Not to mention the disorient and slow.


Why is my post flagged?

It’s the truth


Your buddy probably flagged it for ad hominem attack.


Kraterios, was stating a fact.


Its seems odd to call someone a minmaxer
but then say their opinion is invalid for that reason.

If a minmaxer is saying a support isnt OP, wouldn’t that ADD credibility to their statement? If there was an OP Ifrit team, believe me I would’ve found it by now. Instead I run Panzer, Keel, Mandrake, Nightingale, Heimlock, Gammond, Dogface, Caine, and Cinder on my teams before I consider resorting to Ifrit… dudes not even on my Top 10.

If we actually get some elemental balance to DPS next update I doubt Ifrit will even be a competitive pvp choice.

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You are funny. That’s why literally every one of the last 20 teams I faced in PVP had Ifrit on it?

Also, Ifrit is only at his best when he has his plat skill. You can’t really min/max with him like you can Panzer or other characters, you need to get him at his best. That totally goes against min/maxing.

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Sogui Again, you don’t fight at a normal power lvl
And saying this…

You abuse the system, so credibility? 0

You min max, so you avoid all the normal players, lvl abuse, star abuse and metal color abuse


Why are rezzed characters coming back with full mags, for Panzer, and abilities still partially charged, for everyone else??? I just fought a match where I took out Panzer and then Caine. Ifrit, Drake and Heim left, all beat up. I’m chewed up but it’s 5v3. I’m waiting for the Panzer rez to off her with Dogface. BOTH Panzer and Caine pop and she starts rocking away almost fresh, then before dog can dump a mag, the shield globes are around her head. 5v3…and I lose without scratching the guy. I’m incredulous. Come on devs, enough of this bullshit. The whole rez dynamic is f’n garbage. No more multiple simultaneous rezzes. No more rezzing other rezzers, no skill charge on return, no more popping in with huge health bars. This crap is wrecking the game. And your solution? More Ifrit focused pvp. Panzer was op af when you released her. She’s still tough, but manageable now. Ifrit broke the game.

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Right? Beyond frustrating isn’t it.

I have actually won the last 4 or 5 matches vs Ifrit, but it’s only because Panzer wasn’t on their team. It seems the issue isn’t Ifrit in and of himself, it’s when he is combined with Flatline AND Panzer specifically.

Panzer is still incredibly powerful, borderline OP with how quick she can kill a hero. I think her magazine needs to be reduced to at least 16, if not 14. Make the speard smaller to help compensate a bit. This would help stop her from unloading 20 shots and a Breech and Clear in the first 10 seconds of a match. If that were done, it might help alleviate the heal meta since they couldn’t kill one of your heroes right away and make it 4v5 in the first 10 seconds of a match.

Also, Showtime really needs work. I love how it pops as soon as all of Dog’s skills are ready. So I get my silver and bronze only to have them miss mostly because of the disorient. It’s either that or wait around 10 seconds for Showtime to fade. If they aren’t going to make Showtime have a longer CD, at least make the disorient effect only have a 25% chance to land, OR make it apply to one random hero instead of the whole team. Shit’s messed up with how much it offers… movement slow, disorient, AND marks everyone, all the while giving 20k hp to every ally and 1k extra damage. And it does it every 10 seconds? C’mon… devs can’t possibly be that bad at balancing stuff, it’s an obvious cash grab.


You do know the whole thing about Showtime and disorient is to make the enemy aim worse right? This isn’t broken and it’s not affecting Dogface specifically.

The problem is that it has the same cooldown as dogfaces skills. That leaves only Panzer as an reliable damage dealer against Irfit, because Dogface is either missing most if his shots or has to wait until showtime is over. But it works the other way around too. The only way to avoid Dogfaces pumped up shots is to flee, because it goes through the cover. But if showtime is on you have no chance to flee and are an easy victim to Dogface.
Showtime makes Dogface useless (unless you have some luck and a very very good timing and knowledge of your team) if he’s in the opponent team and OP if he’s in yours.


Yes, I am well aware. My point is Showtime pops when a lot of DPS have their skills pop. Since it affects the ENTIRE team, it significantly lowers DPS from them. It can totally negate heroes like Dogface where the majority of his burst damage is from a few skills.

If Showtime only affected one or two heroes it wouldn’t be an issue, but the entire team being disoriented? And slowed? And marked? And your whole team getting more health and attack? Why does it have so many modifiers on one skill that only has a 20 second CD but lasts 10 seconds? Why is it a guarantee 100% chance to land on everyone?

Something like that should only have a small chance to affect each hero, or affect one or two randomly, or affect them all but only do the slow and mark with the attack and health boosts. Not all of it. That’s ridiculous.


Here’s a little more proof that on their own, Panzer, Ifrit, and Flatline aren’t all that bad. Semi OP, maybe, but not game breaking:

It’s only when all three combine they create this incredibly hard, near impossible to beat meta:

Even with Dog in place of Panzer it’s not that hard to kill. Dog doesn’t instantly melt a hero so you have time to have all 5 heroes alive and focus a few of the enemy down. I played about 20 matches in a row and can post more screens like this, but I rarely lost. It was only when Ifrit/Panzer/Flatline were combined that I had any real trouble winning a match.

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