I need some help (mission 4-9)

I am stuck on 4 -9! Before you say “level your heros” or “grind for gear pieces.” I can’t because all the gear I need to promote my heros is in 4- 9 or AFTER. Any loadouts that could help?

bring as many healers as you can so you can survive as long as possible

4-9 was tough the first time i played it if i remember correctly. I think i actually bought some stuff from the gauntlet that drops in 4-9 to upgrade some guys cuz i still couldn’t beat it for a bit. You definitely want good healing - 1 main healer and 2 support healers is what i think you would want at least. Its just about surviving so bring sturdy guys. You may want 1 DPS to deal with hideo, but being sturdy may be enough.

If it is still a problem:

  • healer are very important (maximize the skill lvl)
  • shield skill is a nice thing. It helps „buying time“ while waiting for healing skill
  • ALWAYS assemble your team in order to fulfill the mission parameters.
    If it is to „elimante hideo“ bring heroes with the best attribute with you (mech -> energy -> biochem -> mech…)

Helpful skills:
Healing/repairing, shielding, focusing fire

Any supportive akill:
Cloak, antigravity… that will give your heroes an advantage