HH you guys are killin me here

Some great observations there and others have made them, too.

I ran some very effective Flatline teams and had a higher success rate than a certain men’s cologne :wink: While the buff is pretty significant, Flatline isn’t dead in the water. I still run some effective teams and she plays her part, it’s just now she needs prioritised protecting or I need to pilot her/her protector.

The outcry is kinda the same thing as with the Nightingale and Ifrit nerfs - they were a BIG deal when they happened, everyone blew up, they dropped out of EVERY single PVP team. But I still come across them. And they are still effective. But they aren’t the lynchpin for the match. I win some, I lose some. Same thing with Flatline. No single hero should hold the match in their hand. Seems balanced enough.

But if people found Flatline as the answer to the ongoing Min/Max issue, we definitely need a different answer. Don’t know what that is but hopefully the devs figure it out. Anyways…

And for Godlante’s sake; buff Gammond! (and Baron #MakeBaronGreatAgain)


At the end of the day, there’s something that people need to know about a hero, which is that no one hero should carry a team fully.

Gale and Flat had this issue where users were using them as crutches, and pvp revolved around whether you used them or killed them. This power in PvP makes the game much more sterile and undynamic.

I don’t agree with Nerfed as it pertains to Flatlines changes. Perhaps her ability should’ve retained a tiny bit healing to some extent, yes, but people can forget that Flatline is a resurrection specialist, not a direct healer like Operator or Keel. Her Gold was way too overwhelming, and that caused problems. Her adjusted stats fit her more into the suitable position she was designed for.


Flatline self healing should have been cut in half instead of being taken away mo

I’d go one step further and Root her like her Silver stun. She deserves ZERO heal. Free endless heals for her ally AND herself? How horribly unbalanced. Any Gold or Plat that triggers for free needs to be reasonable or have a downside. There should always be a downside. E.g. Baron heals his ally automatically but he taunts to get more damage.

A tank, with low dps, that heals the team…

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