Heronium Store & Skins

This thread has three screenshots of clarification that many people asked for in discord. If that’s not what you are looking for or to u want to know more specifics, I’m sure anyone of you could have a conversation with one of the devs when they are online in discord. When they are online and able to talk, they have done a good job answering the questions they can without giving away too much detail of what they have in store.

It’s also stated in that screenshot that there are other ways to get skins outside of the store, it’s not entirely dependent on that. The alliance store that was added a patch or two ago has been a success it seems from the opinions of people I have talked to, so instead of speculating everything negative that you want to have with the store, how about we wait and see how it works?


Hey!!! Dev, can you make a calender update for this month of July. Just to keep updated for the upcoming event.


It was made like that to slow down the progression of players.
Since they can’t have that… They came up with this idea.

~7 Days = 1M Points for Platinum Patrol Crate (assume you get 100K points a day, still impossible)
~Skins give bonus stats (LOL?, only this game)
~10* to unlock the new shop (10 STARS!!)

But then again, I just rely on the give aways. Soo I don’t mind.
And RIP to those who spent a lot.

We still don’t know if skins give bonus stats, we only know they are “not purely cosmetic”. Could use as well bring new sound effects to fit the skin, like Clyde shouting “YEE-HAA”.
I spent a lot and I look forward to the new update.



Firstly, hows your math? 7 x 100K equal does not 1M.

Secondly, this is easily achievable with co-operation within your alliance. We make the 1M in around 6 days.

Then there is your comments (and your tongue-in-cheek screen shot) regarding access to the heronium store. No where do they state you MUST have a 10* hero to gain access to the store. What they do say is - excess fragments earn’t for 10* heroes will be converted into currency you can USE in the heronium store - along with other-to-be-advised methods of gaining said currency.

As for the skins having more than a cosmetic effect, you will just have to wait and see.


In the July Update video on Facebook they pretty much clearly states that you need to upgrade a character to 10* to unlock the new store:


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Fair enough. Have to admit I have not seen the video ( I don’t use facebook), was just going off the dev comments from discord.


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Yeah, I’m a bit confused why they didn’t post the video here as well. :slight_smile:
Here it is in its full:

I’m pretty sure the heronium comes with frags. Reread what Elu said in the op. “…which is rewarded when you get a hero to 10* AND get duplicate fragments.”

The language here indicates both items are awarded.

Its literally in this same post

A store that will have a max amount of frags per day we can buy or a gold restocking fee more than likely. Just based off the previous stores we have. Either way players with 10* are getting shafted on their frags compared to the current system we have now

since you did not get it I have to explain it to you

In 7 Days , you need 1M Points to get Platinum Crate.
with that logic

MAJORITY of the alliances can only get 100K points per day, So in 7 days they can only get 700K points. Soo for your pay to win brain can understand, you’d need atleast 10 Days for MOST Alliance reach 1M points. (you’d reach 1M in 6 days because you spent a lot. LOL, i’m considering other alliances not the Minority of pay to win like yours. Get out of your bubble)

I did not say 7 x 100K = 1M, you don’t even know how to understand simple English.
You just ran here in the forums to rant.

And there is a screenshot already from the Devs that says the skins are not purely on cosmetics.

All I said are facts, you are too blinded by your credit card and you forgot to think.

Idk how each alliances patrols are set, but each refresh we have at least 2 patrols over 1k points, one usually pretty high at 4K and he other a little lower. We have had ones that give 6k points too. We do have low point patrols as well but over all the high ones make up the difference. The last 2 crates we were able to get the highest rank with around 50 patrols left. It’s been very possible for us to achieve the final crate. We do have people who are willing to grow the 25 gold to reload if we have low patrols left, but most of the time we take what’s there and let it refresh on its own.

Again, I’m not sure how your alliances patrols are, but at least for ours it’s been a very achieveable task.

Normally alliances would average between
600~900K points in the 7 Days, and a full active guild could get the Gold Crate easy.
But if they do get every mission without any reset they won’t get the plat sadly.

my 2nd~4th account only finishes Gold in their alliance. I’d still be glad to take those +30 univ. frags.

But the ideal fix for this is if you complete all 7 Days with (100 maxed out patrols) you’d get the platinum crate or it would total to 1M points instantly. But that’s pretty far fetch.

I still dont understand why getting platinum crate without spending a single gold piece is a must.

To get a lot of heroes, you NEED to spend gold. Be it free gold or paid gold. But you need gold to unlock Oracle, for example.

Why shouldn’t you need gold to get plat crate? The gold crate rewards are generous and they can be obtained without a single gold piece. Just go for them if you dont feel like wasting gold.

There is absolutely no need to call them “pay to win” or shit like that. Grow up and try to make your point with valid arguments instead of petty insults :slight_smile:

I did say i’m happy for the +30 univ. Frags from the gold crate. You do know how to read right?.
Or you busy being triggered to understand and accept the truth?

If you see as pay to win as an insult that’s on you. :sunglasses:

and the more pressing issue is the 10 Stars to unlock the shop. Cause F2P or P2W, if you don’t have a 10 star you’re fooked. Specially the F2P since they can’t reset their PVP stores much. They are stuck with 1-2 free resets per day.

I don’t see “pay to win” as an insult by itself

I see your use of it insulting. “Blinded by your credit card”, “your pay to win brains”. You are just thinking less of them just because they paid more.

But after the triggered comment, I see you are just acting defensively against everybody.

Excuse me, the fact that you have been complaining about crates since they were implemented confused me :smiley:

The alliance store is locked if you haven’t unlocked alliances. The PvP store is locked if you haven’t unlocked PvP.

This store is just some kind of end-game content. The currency is only earned after you get duplicate fragments of a 10* hero. So there is no need for this store to be opened any early.

And we don’t know how the store will work. It may be single purchase things with reset option (like PvP store), it could be stacks of items with a single daily reset (like alliance store), or it could be an endless store without resets (this option would make no impact on the current elemental frag farming for the players).

But being realist, while the last one is the ideal option, it will most likely be one of the first two.

The new store is intended to be an “end game” store. A lot of players are starting to get 10* heroes and acquiring elemental fragments. From the looks of what the store has to offer, it seems to give players more opptions to use those extra shards. The only things that have been stated that are in the store are elemental frags, what you would be getting anyways, and skins exclusive to that store. A lot of people will elect to take the fragments at first, but some long timeayers might start saving for some of the skins!

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