Hero Spotlight: Valkyrie

They are not ready yet,

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Bullseye, your the best communicati-er we could have ever asked for!!! The future for this game is bright!!! Love ya man!!!, now what’s this about new original characters? This is looking spicy!

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What glorious of a spoil would it be if you guys would take a hero concept :innocent:
On side note. Already shared my feelings about these changes. But to reiterate, LOVE EM. These heroes deserve it and i’m curious for pt2

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Thank you very much for the kind words. Not sure what you mean by new characters?

You said final ff hero, sounds like the future are going to be originals, unless we get heros like what you did for commander, bring infantry troops into the game,

Oh, did I? Slipped out, I guess. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Random Q for the community, this is off of a friend hero right? How does her weapon work? Is it a smg? Bc I’m wondering how good her ruby will be

New heroes reolad frequency is more.
She takes more time to load her skills ; even at ruby.
More like a support hero than a dps.

It’s cool that you raised the amount of frags per run, but it is moot without raising the daily amount of frags you can obtain. The change is pointless for a lot of us.

Im liking the hero so far. Not a big fan of the Xenomorph Alien Queen head she has going on. Hopefully, i can score the rare skin to she has the Evil Queen look instead.

but so far a strong Astral hero

Why isn’t the new hero’s in the 5* crate since DECA has taken over it’s not in the 5* crate?

Thank you deca for this new hero, but his power is very low, for the attacks of the old heroes

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The power seems relatively high, maybe it’s a lack of stars? She seems good in power, plus the skin coming out will boost her further

Her damage is very low and skills are not much effective.

The attacks are fine. High fire rate pairs well with fiber and she has a doing damage skill as well. Not every hero needs high base damage. She is a debilitator anyway

Brogan is useless hero no one use. Rare time using. Brogan need to fix him. This update is useless (a new hero and fix some heroes that’s it).

What exactly do you think needs to be chagned with Brogan?


I posted a revamp idea in my hero revamps under feedback,
Basic version; his bronze stinks and platnium isn’t the best;

Revamp Bronze ability; this hero rallies his Allie’s gives them all a 15% faster firerate and 20% faster reload speed, (both increase by 1% every 10 levels). Whenever this hero uses this ability it takes 20% longer to charge each time permenantly until the mission ends, and applies a charge of “random ability name”

Revamp Platinum ability; replaces sheild with; for every charge of (random ability name) this hero and all Allie’s on the battlefield recover (hlth) per second, and (dmg) per second,

Ex; at max (ruby 6 bars) he recovers 50k health per second and 25k dmg per second) {this ability stacks for each charge}

Ruby ability change; initiator

Silver ability also applies charge of (random ability name) but does not take longer to charge each use;

Reminder; he’s a 7 star for crying out loud! He’s just horrible as of right now,

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Pretty much a shorter silver cooldown. It’s his most powerful asset and he barely ever gets to use it. Overall maybe just an increase on the HP from his passive because that would make him a support just by himself as well, and while that isn’t the point since he is specifically made to synergize, but it’s good to not be solely relying on other’s buffs.
The rest of his kit is fine to my opinion