Hero Spotlight: Snaps

They have always added 1 Hero Hunters hero a month at least. Forged Fantasy heroes are an addition to existing Hero Hunters releases, I think January 2021 didn’t have one? Last one was Gunsmoke announced in November for December 2020 and then Stratus late January 2021 for February 2021.

So it’s not like we are missing out a Hero Hunters hero in exchange for a Forged Fantasy hero release.

If you don’t like them, don’t buy their crates.

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107 heroes bro, slurp

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Indeed! 34 biochem with this update!

Btw, is understood you guys have to get revenue but wtf is this? Is almost as hard to get the terravente heroes as Kurzt? Are u kidding me?

This Snaps’ rare skin looks like he killed one of the Jackal’s family… Lol