Hero Spotlight: Slurp

By desing IMOP, this is the best hero so far.

He’s so dope.

Brogan is an arms dealer, he could’ve facilitated the sales before Slurp’s resort to black market weaponry.

Obrez’s description says “she always wanted more for her family” though, making her a breadwinner

The fact that his canisters are labelled “gargle blaster” is also interesting.


His gun’s also a “lil’ pea shooter.”

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Sounds like a respiratory issue

101% You will unlock new hero.

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This kinda reminds me of that one zombie game. Where they spit acid on people. I forget what it’s called. I think it starts with an R. Lol

I cant wait to play as him. Looks like a fun character and a good healer if used with moss or flatline

left 4 dead ? you mean

HH just seems to go above and beyond on their designs; each symbolizes a different personality of the hero and feeling when you play them. Kind of looks like Pariah’s brother.


TopJob HHG-Devs!!! Just cooool! :+1:

Nice skill but dont like ugly look (it is a zombie or what),for me monster like Slurp and fantasy hero, dont have there place in this game, remove big tongue and after that he will look great

Hope futur human skill will be available.

Haven’t you read any of his lore? You would then understand his appearance, literally it explains that he mutated with exposure with chem weapons over time, it shows a unique side of the Morlock’s lifestyle and how the world of HH twists the lives of those who live in it

Now why would you post this exploit on the forum? SMH. Bad news for you, they fixed it in last update so enjoy your icebox frags lol

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Love the look need more like this. The bomb rolling off the tongue is nice, goes well with pariah . He will be on my list of Anti Meta hero’s. Nice addition HHs

To anyone who doubted my theory… :wink:


Benny :heart: Obrez



After all this… he still love Obrez

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Looks interesting and powerful hero!

I’ve been trying Slurp for a while now and it’s nice, makes me laugh how it moves.
I do have some concerns though.

  1. [Toxic Spit] you know when you load everything into one spit and a ball of mucus comes out… exactly that.
  2. [Licking Wounds] basically jumps on the ally and licks them… from behind… starting from the cough cough butt cough cough
  3. [Hardened Scrabs] … I don’t want to talk about it
  4. [Healing Pheromones] practically farts.

But yeah… its funny

How did you get Slurp?