Hero Spotlight: Purifier

In the words of heimlock “get gud”

That doesn’t make any sense but okay.

I tried helping you. I know you say you having trouble with pvp. So I messenged you ingame and no response : /

You didn’t send the message to the right user, then. I would be okay in PvP but, as I mentioned in some threads before, the camera will literally flick around making me lose DPS.

It was literally the same user name in your screen shot of your account. How does the camera flick around?

You mean you don’t get the sudden camera flicks when you manually control a Hero? I’ll have a screen record soon this week but it’s not fun.

Never have. Have you contacted support?

I gotta do a screen record of what’s happening to me first. Haven’t gotten the time to do it though.

I main’d Pyro in TF2. Something like 350+ hours as just The Pyro.


Another energy? We could really use another bio.

Will you please make a story about them? More like how these factions were created. It would be really interesting

That’s all written down somewhere. When we first released the game, we weren’t sure how much lore and back story the players would want in a mobile game, so it was all written to help build the world, but not overtly presented in-game.

If you guys want more back story, or further story developments, feel free to tell us!

Give us a dedicated section for fanfiction here and in the Discord. We promise to stay SFW.


Just realized that purifier’s weapon, have the same shape with Lancer and Commando…
But with different names and stats…

When i saw purifier… TF2’s Pyro is what i thought about it… hahahaha… but pyro’s red so he’s with Kurtz… hahahaha

Saved up 12 gilded coins and was waiting for a new character cause I already got the other 2, got shanked a dozen times not 1 exclusive, a dozen times wow, what a waste…

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Operator and Elite Rifleman would like to have a word with them as well.

Tf2 Pyro could be Red or Blu.

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oh yeah… i forgot… it happens im always on the red team… hahahhaa

next would be the spy… can copy skills… hahahahah