Hero Spotlight: Pariah

Hope we’ll have rangers vs shoremen. Forest vs sea baby!

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I thought the same thing! Lol than I’m like maybe it’s a face masked that’s forged with her being not known of her mutation. I would love to see more like this. Hero’s infected and mutated. They can make a faction like this too.

Someone should make a cartoon

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I knew saving my gilded tokens was a good idea this time around haha

Always saving them is a good thing

Cool! About when need to update HEROHUNTER for this new HERO?:heart_eyes:

an ally of the enemy. not the ally of Pariah. just to clear that up.


Does this mean that rangers and sormon are pairing up next update for 2 bountys?

Don’t know…
Guess you’ll have to wait to find out!


Videos of Pariah first look:


Biochem Daily Solo Raid

Pros - she awesome breaking covers (like Baron), tons of health, the ability to block all incoming damage and completely recover himself from scratch, the ability to reverse the heal and deal catastrophic damage on the target and all nearby enemies. Fine shooting mechanic and quick reload.

Cons - average basic damage compared to midline damagers. The cocoon don’t immune for negative effects and Pariah may come out with full health, but don’t have possibility do something. Kurtz’s Execution kills even through a cocoon. In Pariah vs. Pariah match-up heal reverse don’t affect on healing in a cocoon. Heal reverse works best against permanent heal - Hammond’s silver skill, platinum skills of Surge or Nightingale, etc. Against instant one-time heal it’s very difficult to catch the moment. And need more testing. But the perfect counter is completely no heal in team. Look like under the control of AI in PVP don’t did any stupid actions.

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Ally of enemy. They said that you know?