Hero Spotlight: Magnus

When will come next update


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looks like a fantasy forge hero thumbs down

Your post was disrespectful and went against the forum rules. Make sure you read them over!

You’re allowed to dislike or be critical against features or heroes in the game, but make sure it’s done in a way that doesn’t come across disrespectfully


what is disrespectful if i critzise it looks like forge fantasy?


Tone, presentation, and attitude is what makes a post respectful. There are better ways to deliver criticism of FF-akin heroes:


magnus update was quiet decent but too helpless for me. why its happens to me.
reply please

I play this game for couple of years but I can’t able to get any hero from his event chest unfortunately

why tell me please ?

One post is all you need! No need to keep creating new ones. To answer your question, you are not guaranteed Magnus from his crate. It’s all % chance. Sometimes you get lucky, others you don’t. :wink:


Also, the Magnus Step Up Crate guarantees you will get Magnus at Tier 7, and there’s always a chance you’ll get him sooner.

Assuming you maximize the coop frags each day, will there be enough free fragments from the Co-Op and urgent mission to unlock him?

I believe there is(was) 13 days total for this first CoOp(Helios), which would net you 195 frags total. The urgent mission appears to award only 54 frags. The urgent mission doesn’t appear to be repeatable give it only awards his frags for 1st win and 3*. This leave us with needing 336 frags from the 2nd half of coop event. This would require the 2nd half of the Co-op raid to last for 22-23 days since we’re only getting frags from Coop and urgent mission.

If you can’t unlock him for free, then what would be the point of farming the co-op mission? You wouldn’t even get enough frags to level him from 7 to 8. I’m asking because I want to know if it’ll be worthwhile to farm for given the time, effort, and gold needed to farm the 15 frags daily from coop. Already blew most my gold on the crate with no luck.


Was it just me, or did others have him drop as an 8 star??

Thank you,


That was if you pulled him from his crate. In the past couple updates, if you pulled a new hero from the crate, they would drop as a 6*.
Because Magnus is a 7*, and follows the pattern, he drops as an 8*. :slight_smile:


Ok! Thanks! That explains that! I haven’t pulled a hero from their crates in while.


You are right, McClure. There is no way to unlock Magnus unless you spend gold opening crates. The coop missions will not give you anywhere near the frags you need.
And the ‘Magnus Step Up Crate’ which DestroyerDan mentioned above requires you to use 9,000 gold to unlock Magnus. This would require spending a few hundred dollars (in the real world) to buy the 9000 gold (in game) needed to open enough crates.

I hope it’ll be like MK 2 where we could get it through co-ops, it would just take longer. Otherwise, it’d be a bit cruel to give us co-ops without the opportunity to finish with enough fragments.

Update: We’re looking to extend co-op raids by a week so that you’ll have extra time to get Magnus frags.

Savage Claus may also have a gift for you :eyes:


Its nice to know coop will extend for everyone to get enough magnus frags. BTW, what is SAVAGE CLAUS that you mentioned skathi?

The Hero has a holiday skin from a few years ago that made him look like Santa.