Hero Spotlight: Luciana (NEW ELEMENT!)

Most likely, we will be awarded these new elemental frags slowly. I imagine a slow grind with events peppered around in the coming months. I highly doubt 10*ing will be possible this update.

Just my thoughts on the matter. Only speculation.

I prefer to just bask in this new addition to the game, all will be known soon. That much is known lol

I’m really hoping that leads to a new campaign


Finally something new. Keep it up

I hope so. I’m in for something new!:star_struck:

New elements?!?!? Damn!

This is what muninn is referring to about who fiber is working with.


So does that mean every other element they have an advantage over the original elements plus the other one new one? So I read it like it was written. Wow & Ouch. Take your SS now

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Hope I’m not traveling on holiday when the new hero appears. My new account is not getting any of the new heroes

Nono, the original elements run on a completely different advantage/disadvantage cycle than the two new elements. For example the two new elements Astrial and void both have advantage over the other and heroes that both have the same astrial/void element would be weaker than the other. While the original elements act more like a rock-paper-scissors concept and that the new elements run on a vice-versa concept. (Hope this clears up the confusion):grin::grin:

But what if this void/astral elements against the original 3 elements?
Let say in PvP…
So are they just do basic damage to the energy/bio/mech elements?

Or in the bounty, for example, usually we use bio heroes to finished a mech bounty…
So this new astral doesn’t have elemental damage advantage in the bounty?

Nope. They’ll have no effect on any of the tri-color colors. Look at other games like AFK Heroes and see how it’s done there. I assume it’ll be similar. No crossover, but Void/Shadow vs. Light/Holy kill one another, but are normal damage vs. Tri AND vs. Like.


New elements, and the hero has wings? This update is officially Jado approved.

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And hopefully the stores will changed also in the next update…
Maybe we can buy that astral/void element frags not by using gold, but available in the heronium /alliance store instead…

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But how we will pump this heroes to 10*? Only donate? Exchange of regular and universal fragments?

This looks great. How many stars will she have on drop? (Also European factions say wha?)

Also great work with the new elements and keeping it simple, I really hate games that have 10 different elements you have to study, this should be easy enough for new players to grab onto and for me to remember

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It’s like someone air-balling a 3-point shot; in that if the basketball exploded and half of the basketball shards touched the goal, you get 1 point. LOL. Technically, if she shoot towards the air, she misses everyone in the map. It will be so awesome when all enemies gets that 50% damage

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Yep sure wish the player Eklava had stuck around

You can bet money they will be expensive. Probably the ratio they had/have over in FF. Just a guess. I thought those mythic skins were made to reduce the over supply of heronium and that it would take years to max a mythic skin. It didn’t. Oh well saving almost everything I can for this new element hero #tightenbelt #starvationmode #stopatmins


Her bronze could be awesome or nah. We’ll have too see.

Her silver skill is like combo of Heckler’s bronze and silver.

Her plat skill is great.

Don’t count on that, you may just be disappointed. I highly doubt they’ll allow us to buy the new frags off the bat.