Hero Spotlight: Lancer

Fine for me not getting commando or lancer. I got Brogan and then 3-4 weeks later i got Artemis. LOL.

As we take away skin token for the past 2 months

y para mi que ese heroe es mejor que los demas y la potencia de las armas y las potencaas de las habilidades pero ya mejore a todos mis heroes para conseguirlo algun dia pero en la caja de ficha dorada me salio artemis y brogan con eso ya me quedo contento

Is it better to stock pile tokens?

I’ve bought those 2nd chance coins & still haven’t won anything. Pfft

I used 15 tokens without finding it … this system is stupid and makes you angry, having something only if you are lucky you get tired!

How have you not gotten coins? They give them out every solo pvp event

Imagine actually winning PvP. /s

Yeah, I don’t get Gilded Coins because I don’t PvP and because I suck at PvP.

There’s not being in the top few brackets bad and then there is just not being able to even complete the gilded coins bad. Yeah you’re really bad, sad to say.

I wonder how many active players manage to get the gilded tokens and how many don’t…

I can understand that PVP can be frustrating and for me I would much rather not have to play PVP if I could help it.

However, all you need is a total of 350 points to obtain the gilded token, which translates into 10 wins using Xian and Operator (35 points per win). That’s the combination that worked for me, it was not too bad. Maybe you can try it and see if it works for you.

I am not sure whether the gilded token is worth the trouble, though, since the drop rates for Commando were so low :frowning:

I believe I have gotten gilded token every round all across my main and alt accounts but I may have lost track of how many pvp tournaments that had this system.

Way to rub it in. Anyways, just lost another match, so…
depressed operator noises

I’d rather have a really infuriating PvE event for Gilden Tokens than deal with PvP. That is literally all I ask for as my Christmas present.

Lol I’m sorry. Is Operator your fav character? Sucks he isn’t that usable. What keeps you playing then? For me PVP is the best part. PVE is real boring…

PvE for me is the best part, and PvP is infuriating. Mostly because I only do PvE activities. As for Operator… I remember wanting to get him because he was KLG and he once had Quick-Fix uber levels of healing. I’m talking hand-of-god levels of healing almost a year ago. Shame because Operator’s not viable anywhere anymore.

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Legal mais os android ja estão atualizados cade atualização do ios?

If Lancer puts on UAF skin, does he count towards Wesson’s plat?

It’s a skin that changes his visual appearance. There is no skin in the game that changes a Hero’s Faction, as seen in the Hero Info menu.

Bummer. I thought he had the option of changing sides.

What way to get it? I became very desperate and I hope! To increase the proportion of luck few